Essex Deaths From Virus Fall To Zero


NHS England statistics reveal no deaths have been reported in Southend Hospital, Basildon Hospital, Broomfield Hospital, Colchester Hospital or the Princess Alexandra Hospital, in Harlow in the last 24 hours.

There were also no deaths in the trust which provides mental health care in Essex.

The latest figures comprise the period leading up to 5 pm yesterday which are issued every day by NHS England.

NHS England said 403 people, who tested positive for coronavirus have died in the last 24 hours taking the cumulative number of established reported deaths in hospitals in England to 4,897 – the patients were aged between 35 and 106 years old.

Bosses say 15 of the 403 patients, aged between 52 and 94 years old, had no known underlying health conditions, and in entirety, 66 people have lost their lives in Southend and Basildon hospitals after catching the virus.

At Basildon Hospital, 49 people with the virus have died, while 17 have lost their lives at Southend Hospital.

Elsewhere in Essex, 46 people have died at Princess Alexandra Hospital, in Harlow, while 15 have died at Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford.

According to NHS England, a total of 43 people who tested positive for coronavirus have lost their lives at the trust which runs Colchester Hospital, and while the number of deaths falling to zero is cause for optimism, it comes as more than 1,000 positive cases of the coronavirus have been established in Essex.

The latest figures reveal there are now 858 cases in the Essex County Council region, a further 118 positive cases in Southend and 120 in Thurrock.

The number of cases is an increase of 102 on the day before bringing the total to 1,096.

But what about those in care homes and deaths from the coronavirus? What about people that are dying at home of COVID 19? Or is it only NHS hospital deaths that are being calculated?

It appears that the UK daily death figures are only including those dying in hospital, so people who die at home or in care homes et cetera aren’t being calculated, so the UK figures are somewhat misleading because other nations are counting all deaths, and are we going to have to wait for the delay in admin before the real figures come out?

Published by Angela Lloyd

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