Bald Guys Could Be At Higher Risk Of Getting COVID 19


Bald men could be at greater risk of having serious COVID 19 symptoms, according to new research.

The lead author of the study is so confident in the data that he told a media outlet that they believe that baldness is a perfect predictor of severity.

The newspaper reported that Brown University’s Professor Carlos Wambier conducted two studies in Spain which discovered that a disproportionately large number of men with male pattern baldness were taken to hospital with coronavirus.

The first study found 71 per cent of the 41 patients examined with COVID 19 in Spanish hospitals were bald, with the background rate of baldness for white men of a comparable age to the patients between 31 and 53 per cent.

The second study, which was printed in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, found 79 per cent of the 122 male coronavirus patients in Madrid hospitals were bald.

Scientists have argued androgens, male sex hormones, may contribute to hair loss and increase the ability of the coronavirus to attack cells. That means hormone suppressing drugs could possibly be used to slow COVID 19’s growth and enable sufferers time to recover.

Professor Wambier told a news outlet that they believe androgens or male hormones are the gateway for the disease to enter cells. However, others have advised caution, with Prostate Cancer UK head of policy Karen Stalbow telling the newspaper that much more proof is required before such drugs could be used for coronavirus treatment.

Male baldness is thought to be created by the action of one hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), this acts on hair follicles, weakening them so they weaken losing the hair they hold and shrinking so that regrow hair becomes finer until non-existent.

DHT is a metabolite of Testosterone. It’s produced by the action of 5 Alpha reductase enzyme on free Testosterone in the bloodstream.

A man’s level of DHT is determined by 2 factors, the amount of free Testosterone and the amount of 5AR in their bodies.

SARS COV 2 has been most destructive in developed countries and it’s generally believed that men in these countries are suffering from decreased endogenous levels of Testosterone due to the amount of Xeneostrogens they’re exposed to in plastics, water supply and food et cetera.

There’s evidence that specific groups have higher levels of 5AR, meaning their bodies produce greater amounts of lean muscle which may support the hypothesis that DHT may have some influence on COVID 19’s severity.

However, this isn’t supported by the low infection rates and subsequent death rates in some regions.

Just imagine if studies revealed women were more prone to the virus, there would be an outcry about sexist scientists not doing enough and demands that more should be done to protect women.

So, does this mean we now have to wear a face mask over the top of our heads, perhaps comb-over style?

Altering hormonal balance in males and females has been heavily linked to cancer amongst other unfavourable health effects, so we should be extremely wary of supposed remedies and cures being more dangerous than the illness.

Baldness in men is normally linked to old age but it can be genetically predisposed, and the vast preponderance of men go bald because of a hereditary condition known as androgenetic alopecia, more generally known as male pattern baldness.

And about 95 per cent of hair loss in men is caused by androgenetic alopecia. This inherited trait tends to give men a receding hairline and a thinning crown which is caused by a genetic sensitivity to a byproduct of testosterone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

However, there’s mounting evidence that bare heads aren’t a spectacular evolutionary accident after all because bald men are perceived as more intelligent, assertive and high in status, and their polished scalps might help them seduce women or even save lives – way to go all you balding men out there, and at least they don’t have to worry about getting their hair cut.

Maybe we should be calling it Kojak 19 instead of COVID 19 but really we should be waiting for the real science and not someones made-up theories, and these symptoms are getting nuttier by the second and it’s becoming a real joke.

Yet the sheep believe anything they are told by the state media and this is hair raising to say the least.

This is getting pathetic now, grasping at straws for things for the prophets to write about and it makes me question if the person who penned it thinks, wow, I’m so proud of myself now? And who on earth funds this research – next they’ll be telling people that wearing coloured socks are more at risk.

And how much public money and donations are these people being given to come up with this nonsense? And now it appears that anyone with a pulse is at risk of developing COVID 19, particularly those with no hair, asthma, lung disease, heart disease, diabetes, black or Asian and their middle name is Lucky.

You’ve got to laugh about it though, so now all the barber’s shops are closed, so men can’t get a haircut, so everyone is now shaving their own heads bald – now they’re all at risk of getting coronavirus symptoms, well we must be cursed then and this is enough to make your hair fall out with worry.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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