Man Who Killed Arsenal Supporter

A man who stabbed an Arsenal supporter to death as he headed to a game with his friend has been imprisoned for life.

Alex Lanning, 22, has been jailed at the Old Bailey with a minimum term of 25 years for the murder of gifted athlete Tashan Daniel, who was fatally stabbed at Hillingdon station, west London.

His co-defendant Jonathan Camille, 19, was imprisoned for six and a half years after being convicted of a lesser charge of manslaughter.

Tashan Daniel was travelling to an Arsenal league cup game with a friend when he was stabbed in the heart. Alex Lanning was later seen laughing as he fled the scene.

Sprinter Tashan Daniel had only recently celebrated his 20th birthday, died at the station.

Alex Lanning stabbed Tashan Daniel with a knife which had a serrated edge and a hook and was designed to be used by fighter pilots to cut the tough Perspex glass out of jets. Alex Lanning alleged in court he’d stolen the blade from the set of the Fast & Furious films.

Jailing Alex Lanning for life with a minimum term of 25 years for the killing of Tashan Daniel and his co-defendant Jonathan Camille for six and a half years for manslaughter, Judge Mark Dennis QC said that this was a disgraceful display of violence for which there was no possible justification or excuse.

“You are both comparatively young men however you are both old enough and mature enough to know what you were doing and to make your own choices.”

Judge Mark Dennis, QC said the assault took place on a station platform and in the presence of members of the public who were shocked and frightened by the violence that occurred close to them.

The offenders fled from the scene and made attempts to avoid apprehension. They encased their heads in clothes stolen from nearby clotheslines and hid the knife.

“It is plain these events had a profound and lasting effect on Tashan’s family and those who knew him as a friend.

“This was a dreadful display of violence for which there was no possible justification or excuse.

“Alex Lanning, your reaction after the event reveals no sense of regret for the person you had just stabbed to the chest.

“Twice you were seen laughing as if what you had just done meant nothing to you.”

Nobody carries that kind of knife on them, especially that particular knife, not unless they’re planning on using it to stab somebody, and why would a person have such a knife on them?

Now a lovely young man is dead because someone thought it was funny to do so and found it entertaining as well and this despicable person should have got a much longer sentence.

And if a person is going to take another life, then they should be imprisoned for life and should never be permitted to wander the streets again. Life should mean life, not part sentencing and then out of jail, discharged on tag or probation for the remainder of their sentence.

If a person carries a knife, it’s with purpose and this is really sad. Sadly, because we live in a pretty precarious society, now many people carry knives because they don’t feel safe, but then there is the percentage that carries them because they plan to kill with them.

Life should mean life without parole or until they die, it’s the only way and some might say that capital punishment is the way to go, but that doesn’t always work either, America has demonstrated that.

And it’s so sad and Tashan Daniel’s family will never get over his death, and we should never understand the mentality of people like this. It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, this was a life, and clearly, this never had anything to do with what football team Tashan supported, Alex Lanning was there for one thing and one thing only and that was to kill on that particular day.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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