Thousands Of Anti-Lockdown Demonstrators Rally In London

Huge crowds assembled at Trafalgar Square calling for no more lockdowns and no to vaccinations and there seemed to be little social distancing or people donning face masks.

Thousands of anti lockdown demonstrators rallied in central London, claiming coronavirus is a hoax.

The ‘Unite For Freedom’ march began in Trafalgar Square at midday on Saturday, with demonstrators calling for no more lockdowns, no to vaccinations and no to government lies.

Pictures and video’s from the protestors show thousands of people at the famous tourist hotspot, with many holding signs and placards and there seemed to be little or no social distancing amongst the huge crowds and very few seemed to be wearing face coverings.

The brother of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, Piers was expected to make a speech and activist Sonia Poulton, who was part of the demonstration, posted a video on Twitter.

She said that people were coming to make their opinions heard against forced vaccinations, compulsory masks, forced anything really. No more lockdowns and no more second wave business.

Notorious conspiracy theorist David Icke was also seen making a speech at Trafalgar Square.

Messages on signs read ‘coronavirus is a hoax’ and no to forced vaccines and masks are muzzles. Other signs read ‘masks reduce immunity’ and ‘masks increase infection risk’.

Despite more than 40,000 deaths in the United Kingdom from coronavirus, another sign said it was ‘fake science’ and COVID 19 can be compared to a ‘bad flu’. Another handmade sign read ‘COVID hoax’.

A flier for the event said that there would be top doctors and nurses speaking the truth against government pushing fears and disregarding science.

@waite_richard tweeted: “Trafalgar Square Now!!! Standup!! No to RNA Vaccines, No to Masks, No to lockdowns!”

There have been numerous anti lockdown demonstrations across the United Kingdom and Europe through the pandemic and earlier this month, unmasked campaigners came together for a ‘freedom gathering’ in protest of the lockdown.

Tens of people gathered in Victoria Square in Birmingham to make their views on face masks known and they gathered around a speaker and a sign which read ‘COVID 19 is a smokescreen for a bigger agenda’.

The speaker said that everyone can’t go to pop concerts until Boris Johnson says so. “What’s that all about? It’s about control, exactly. Many of you already know this”.

“So many people are walking around with masks on. What about the issue of the mask? Do masks protect you? Look at the scientific studies.

“They say they have next to no effect.”

And now it seems like millions are finally waking up about this scamdemic or should we say plandemic.

And we know that there has been a virus, but how many people have really died from it? Plus there’s been lots of confusion, especially by the likes of David Icke and other conspiracy theorists.

However, if COVID 19 was that deadly then they clearly wouldn’t be letting small children go back to school or any children for that matter. And what about all those beaches that were full of thousands of people? We all know viruses love masses of people and by now those people protesting about COVID 19 should be showing some signs of contamination.

The NHS isn’t even treating cancer patients who are now beyond any help to survive and many have died and some elderly people in care homes with COVID 19 were kept from going to the hospital and they were even refused a GP visit and some were even denied oxygen and died a terrible death of suffocation.

Even old people with COVID 19 were sent out of the hospital to a care home to contaminate others as the hospital didn’t want them and don’t forget the public pay for the NHS by taxation and then the NHS stop treatment for people with cancer.

Then we have the Nightingale Hospitals that were built to deal with thousands of people with COVID 19 but then they were left empty, so where is the pandemic?

People might think that protestors have no intelligence but the ones with no brains are the ones that listen to the likes of comedian Matt Hancock, and if he said that we had to eat dog poop because it would stop us from getting COVID 19, would people really do it because this British funnyman said so?

Published by Angela Lloyd

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