Priti Patel Said She’d Snitch On Her Neighbours To Police

The Home Secretary stated that she’d snitch on her neighbours to police if they broke the coronavirus Rule of Six.

Priti Patel said it was a person’s individual choice on whether to call the police on their neighbours but said reporting bad conduct was the right thing to do to combat COVID 19.

There are exemptions for school and work, as well as a litany of other reasons like households over six people, but Ministers also face rage for making shooting exempt.

People who violate the Rule of Six could face a £100 fine, doubling on each repeat offence up to a cap of £3,200 and Kit Malthouse, the Policing Minister, said anyone concerned about people breaking the rules can contact the non-emergency police number 101 and Priti Patel said she would join the ranks of people contacting the police if she had to.

The Home Secretary said that she didn’t spend her time peeking into people’s gardens but added that she thought anyone would want to take responsibility and make sure they’re not spreading this horrible disease and that if she saw groups of more than six people, obviously she would report it.

And she said it wasn’t about dobbing in your neighbours, it was about taking personal responsibility and that if there was a big party taking place it would be right to contact the police and that anyone who’s actually flouting the rules would be helping to spread coronavirus and that wasn’t a good thing.

However, there are concerns on how overstretched police will fare with the demand of implementing the law.

No 10 revealed officers were unlikely to hand out £100 fines on the first day of the law, as they still don’t have proper guidance from the College of Policing.

The law prohibits mingling between groups in pubs and makes exceptions for important life events, with one barrister saying it was impossible to implement.

Priti Patel bragged that 4,336 police officers had been employed so far under a new recruitment drive. However, numbers were slashed by more than 20,000 under Tory Governments since 2010.

The Rule of Six launched after coronavirus cases spiralled in England and the Imperial College London research claims cases are now doubling every week and the R number is 1.7, with transmission strongest among the young.

However, critics are saying the rise could be down to a testing crisis that has left people in hardest-hit regions struggling to get a test, but Priti Patel argued that it was unfair to say that tests aren’t accessible and that new booking slots were being made available every single day.

But like her colleagues, Priti Patel doesn’t understand the term ‘right thing to do’, which has been bandied around casually by the Tory Party, and this Government would do anything to save its shedding skin.

And she seems to reckon they’re investing in testing, so that everyone can make a booking and that they’re also investing in policing with tons of funding and recruiting to address the crime that’s growing.

She had no response when asked about the 20,000 police officers the Tories scrapped since 2010 and the police can’t implement the law if there aren’t enough of them, but soon there will be special units for people to report this sort of thing, meetings too, just like the Gestapo and we’re steering in that kind of direction.

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