Leaked Brexit Report Warns The United Kingdom Could Encounter Queues Of 7,000 Lorries From January

The Government has revealed it’s preparing for the likely worst-case scenario ahead of Brexit as a leaked report warned of queues of 7,000 lorries in Kent and considerable delays to cross into the EU.

The confidential document prepared by the Border and Protocol Delivery Group, also anticipates thousands of passengers could have to wait an extra two hours for Eurostar trains.

However, a Cabinet Office spokeswoman said in a statement that the Government was using a stretching scenario as opposed to a prediction.

She said as a responsible Government they will continue to make extensive preparations for a broad spectrum of scenarios, including the likely worst case. She further said that this was not a forecast or a prediction of what will happen but rather a stretching scenario, which reflected a responsible Government ensuring they were prepared for all eventualities.

The 46-page report, dated last week, says an essential IT system used by hauliers will not be tested publicly until the end of November. One month before the UK’s transition phase with Brussels ends.

Leading union Unite warned that Britain’s ports would be plunged into confusion and chaos in the new year unless customs and lorry parks were completed.

The union said lorry drivers feared the complex computer software to deal with customs would not be ready by December 31, adding most of the planned lorry parks were still to be built.

The latest developments came as Boris Johnson’s contentious plan to override key elements of the Brexit deal he signed with Brussels cleared its first Commons hurdle despite deep misgivings by some senior Tories.

And it’s becoming more and more tiresome having to be confronted with the incompetence and dishonestly of the ignoramuses we have, failing daily to run the United Kingdom.

And they keep saying ‘as a responsible government’, sorry but that particular bit is far too big to swallow, and at the end of it, it will be the EU’s fault, COVID’s fault, the immigrant’s fault, the French people’s fault, the ferries fault and the weather’s fault but it will never be the Tories fault, and if you read the story, it appears to be a lot of ifs, maybe’s, could be’s and worst-case scenarios.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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