SAGE Scientists Suggested A Plan For Everyone Over The Age Of 45 To Shield At Home

Scientists advising the Government on coronavirus considered a plan to ask everyone ever the age of 45 years old to shield and it was recommended that those over 45 years old were at greater risk from the virus and more likely to die from it, so could be segmented from the rest of the population.

The proposal, announced in papers from the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), was ultimately advised against, as it was considered unlikely to be successful.

However, it’s being kept under consideration, and news of it follows a similar option drawn up by officials to potentially target over the 50s with another lockdown.

The minutes of the 48th meeting of the SAGE scientists held on July 23, said that although the under 45s were at less risk from COVID 19, including lower risk of death, they’re still at some risk and that the long term effects were not well understood.

The document adds that around two-thirds of people in the United Kingdom live in a household which includes one or more individuals aged 45 and above and any segmentation founded on this age threshold would therefore affect most households.

The segmentation looked at would have involved those over 45 shielding, which earlier in the pandemic meant staying at home and sidestepping unnecessary contact with others.

Minutes from July 16 note there is likely to be merit in segmenting society by age, especially to vulnerable people and those likely to have more contact with vulnerable people.

It continues that data indicates that people tend to have more connections with others around their own age, but also have a substantial number of connections with those 20-30 years older and younger than themselves, likely to mostly be contacts between parents and children and that there’s also a significant level of contact between grandparents and children.

Figures reveal that children and those aged below 45 years old are at far lower risk of dying from coronavirus than those aged over 75 years old and the Office for National Statistics data shows only four COVID 19 deaths were documented in children aged one to 14 years old in England and Wales or less than 0.01 per cent of the total and that 574 have been recorded in those aged 15 to 44, or 0.96 per cent of the total.

In comparison, 39,058 people aged 75 years old and over have died from the virus or 65 per cent of the total.

So, does that mean that if all over 45s are locked down, does this mean that schools will close and the police as well?

Clearly, this isn’t going to happen because 45 years old is far too young and they should put it at 50-55 years old because typically most children have flown the nest by this time and 50 years old is where illness really has the most significant impact.

And there are a lot of workplaces where about 80 per cent of workers are aged 45 years old. So, if they’re thinking of shielding all 45-year-olds, this will mean that school kitchens will have to shut down, as well as a lot of other places, but go ahead Boris, further tank the economy into oblivion.

But then over 45s are increasingly being made redundant in the workplace, so why don’t we just lock them up, the next step will follow by putting them into old people’s homes.

And my sleep feels like a nasty dream and then I wake up and realise that it’s actually happening and that it wasn’t just a bad nightmare.

So, 44 is safe, but you reach 45 and you’re not safe anymore and unexpectedly this virus has become extraordinarily innovative. No, it’s not the virus that’s become extremely innovative, it’s our Government and things have become extremely convenient for them.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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