Disaster For Boris Johnson

According to reports, eurosceptic Tory MPs have cautioned they could vote against any EU trade deal which intrudes on Britain’s sovereignty, even if it’s recommended by Boris Johnson. The Government is presently trying to negotiate a new trade deal with Brussels. This would come into effect when the Brexit transition period finishes at the endContinue reading “Disaster For Boris Johnson”

Boris Johnson Told You Shouldn’t Have Bullies In Government

Boris Johnson was told that he shouldn’t have bullies in Government by an ex-top civil servant after claims emerged that he attempted to water down the official inquiry that found Home Secretary Priti Patel bullied staff. Downing Street didn’t deny suggestions that Boris Johnson had tried and failed to persuade his standards, ministerial adviser, SirContinue reading “Boris Johnson Told You Shouldn’t Have Bullies In Government”

Power To The People

Yesterday there was a protest in Basildon, Essex where people were parading up Sparrows Herne to Basildon Hospital with banners and chanting ‘freedom’. People were there raising awareness of a corrupt Government – Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock, all of them a female said as she recorded the entire procession. The female said, “Look at allContinue reading “Power To The People”

Weight Loss And Loose Skin

There are numerous people out there who were obese and lost weight and ended up having an excess of saggy skin afterwards, but these people are usually overlooked. Surgery to remove this surplus skin is not accessible on the NHS because it’s classed as cosmetic surgery, but this excess skin can often become painful, distressingContinue reading “Weight Loss And Loose Skin”

Normality By January?

Boris Johnson is set to buy millions of rapid response coronavirus tests to let the public back into sporting events and concerts by January. The test will make up a crucial element of the Government’s mass testing programme for the nation and would just cost £5. If rolled out, the test could deliver a resultContinue reading “Normality By January?”

Militants Decapitate More Than 50 People As A Football Pitch Is Turned Into A Killing Field

According to local media reports militants have beheaded more than 50 people in a football ground in a village in northern Mozambique. The attack was carried out by an ISIS-linked group in the village of Muatide in conflict-ridden Cabo Delgado province and spanned several days. A Mozambique news agency said the assailants set fire toContinue reading “Militants Decapitate More Than 50 People As A Football Pitch Is Turned Into A Killing Field”

Joe Biden Faces Rocky Transition

Joe Biden won the race for the White House on Saturday but compared with what lays ahead, that may have been the easy part and in his speech to the nation, the president-elect said he would unveil a group of scientists and professionals on Monday to enable him to formulate a strategy to tackle theContinue reading “Joe Biden Faces Rocky Transition”

Couple Without Credit History Denied COVID Test

A couple has been denied an at home COVID test because they didn’t have enough credit history and now there are fears that thousands of others could be in the same position. Laura McCormack and her partner had three of the main manifestations of coronavirus and endeavoured to order a test online, but despite beingContinue reading “Couple Without Credit History Denied COVID Test”

Rishi Sunak’s Furlough U-Turn Was Right – But It Was Forced By His Own Grave Mistakes

This week we have entered a second national lockdown, which has forced the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, to U-turn on extending the furlough scheme. Both these outcomes the chancellor didn’t want and doggedly opposed for weeks. He led the group of ministers in the cabinet who fought the circuit breaker when Labour supported it last monthContinue reading “Rishi Sunak’s Furlough U-Turn Was Right – But It Was Forced By His Own Grave Mistakes”

Dominic Raab Self-Isolating After Coming Into Contact With Someone Who Has COVID

Foreign secretary Dominic Raab is self-isolating after coming into close contact with someone who tested positive for coronavirus. He has not tested positive and it was not immediately apparent whether he was getting a test as he will have to isolate for 14 days even if it came back negative. A source close to DominicContinue reading “Dominic Raab Self-Isolating After Coming Into Contact With Someone Who Has COVID”