Jacqueline Jossa has defended giving her two-year-old daughter Mia cups of tea, insisting that she loves it.

The pair enjoyed a hot drink break outside in their garden, with the 27-year-old celebrity addressing her haters and she explained that Mia’s unusual choice of drink, saying that they had their tea and coffee – mummy’s got coffee, Mia had a little tea.

And she said that for all the haters out there, she has it extremely weak, mainly with milk and a little bit of tea.

She said that she loves it and that they have it every morning and that she’s got hers and look how much she loves it.

The former Lauren Branning star then took a sip, sighing: “Oh that’s perfect. Nice.”

Jacqueline added: “It is quite cold but Mia wants to sit outside. She wants to have her cup of tea outside, like my mum likes to have her tea outside.

“That’s probably why. Hopefully, we’ll go back in soon.”

Mia is one of former Eastenders star Jacqueline’s two daughters with 29-year-old ex Towie star Dan Osborne.

They also share a five-year-old called Ella while Dan has a son, Teddy, from a previous relationship with Megan Tomlin.

The NHS said that children shouldn’t have caffeinated beverages and the health service named treats including coffee, tea, colas and energy drinks as unsuitable for toddlers and young children, but that in low amounts, it’s likely to have no ill health effects.

However, Embarrassing Bodies host Dr Christian Jessen said it’s better for little ones than many juices and he said that if your toddler likes tea, then a small cup or two of weak tea per day will do them no harm at all and that it was certainly better than many of the high sugar juices that so numerous toddlers drink.

Is this such a big deal? Numerous children had a milky tea when they were younger and they all appear to be fine. I grew up with no seat belts in the car, they weren’t compulsory, no cycle helmets et cetera and an entire generation survived.

I would give my son extremely weak coffee in his bottle when he was younger because it was the only thing that would get him off to sleep. It’s all about personal choice. I was brought up on diluted Carnation Milk, I’m still here to tell the story, but now it wouldn’t be considered the proper thing to do.

There’s too much these days with people saying you can’t give your child this or that and there are not many children who don’t have a bottle or beaker of tea, and for little ones who didn’t like it, they certainly were given it to try.

People just like to whine and be heard, it’s just a cup of tea with a teabag dipped in the milk for flavour, and what terrible parenting, how’s she supposed to dunk her biccies in her tea!

I actually don’t know what the problem is. Many children had tea when they were small and there are more important things in life to worry about whether or not children drink tea or not.

She’s not the first and certainly not the last person to give their child a cup of tea and children love it on a cold day and it seems that nowadays people will complain about anything.

All my children had tea, it never did them any harm, it’s full of good shizzle and it’s better than fizzy drinks, and why should she have to defend herself, it’s a cup of tea, it’s not like she’s giving her daughter a can of Strongbow, now that would be a different story altogether.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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