Weight Loss And Loose Skin

There are numerous people out there who were obese and lost weight and ended up having an excess of saggy skin afterwards, but these people are usually overlooked. Surgery to remove this surplus skin is not accessible on the NHS because it’s classed as cosmetic surgery, but this excess skin can often become painful, distressingContinue reading “Weight Loss And Loose Skin”

NHS Worker Publicly Quits Asserting She Had No Work To Do For Three Weeks During The Pandemic

An NHS worker medic quit from her job in public in opposition to the coronavirus lockdown, also claiming the pandemic left her with no work to do for three weeks. Shelley Tasker, 43, took to the streets of Truro in Cornwall where she aired her grievances with a loudspeaker to passersby. Shelley Tasker is aContinue reading “NHS Worker Publicly Quits Asserting She Had No Work To Do For Three Weeks During The Pandemic”

England Shutdown To Start Thursday

A second lockdown in England may last longer than the four weeks outlined by Boris Johnson, admitted Michael Gove. The Prime Minister has decided to prohibit household mixing and shutter pubs, restaurants and non-essential shops, but that came six weeks after scientific advisers first urged him to do so. Following months of insistence to theContinue reading “England Shutdown To Start Thursday”

Stick To NHS COVID Test, Ministers Advise

Ministers are discouraging the public from using a coronavirus testing service offered by Boots. A nasal swab test that costs £120 and delivers results in 12 minutes will be available at designated stores across Britain and is being marketed to people without symptoms. The pharmacist is also offering a separate PCR test, suited to peopleContinue reading “Stick To NHS COVID Test, Ministers Advise”

Powerful Voices Now Argue For A More Subtle And Less Distressing Way Of Learning To Live With The Virus

The steps now being imposed on large regions of the country would be severe and difficult to endure if we had grounds to believe that they would do any good. The problem is that we have no shred of tangible proof that they will help at all. The vast illogical web of new rules, increasinglyContinue reading “Powerful Voices Now Argue For A More Subtle And Less Distressing Way Of Learning To Live With The Virus”


Jacqueline Jossa has defended giving her two-year-old daughter Mia cups of tea, insisting that she loves it. The pair enjoyed a hot drink break outside in their garden, with the 27-year-old celebrity addressing her haters and she explained that Mia’s unusual choice of drink, saying that they had their tea and coffee – mummy’s gotContinue reading “TEA TIME”

NHS COVID-19 App ‘Bug’ Refuses To Let Users Enter Negative Test Results

It was revealed that people in England using the NHS Track and Trace app are unable to enter a negative test result if they didn’t use it to book their swab, but when users tell it they have coronavirus symptoms, either a high temperature, new persistent cough or loss of taste or smell, the appContinue reading “NHS COVID-19 App ‘Bug’ Refuses To Let Users Enter Negative Test Results”

Virgin Wins £700 Million Contract

Virgin Care has been given a £700 million contract to operate more than 200 NHS services, the first time a company will deliver a council’s social care for adults. Bath and North East Somerset councillors backed the contract by 35 votes to 22 at a council meeting in Bath. The settlement came following a voteContinue reading “Virgin Wins £700 Million Contract”

How Atos Are Taking Over

The NHS is not being privatised with a bang; but more with a cunning deceitful whine. We only have to take a look at Holland, which privatised its health care system in 2006, to see how it’s feasible for the NHS to be privatised by secrecy. Following the Dutch example, privatisation is occurring in three phases. Continue reading “How Atos Are Taking Over”