Virgin Wins £700 Million Contract

Virgin Care has been given a £700 million contract to operate more than 200 NHS services, the first time a company will deliver a council’s social care for adults. Bath and North East Somerset councillors backed the contract by 35 votes to 22 at a council meeting in Bath. The settlement came following a voteContinue reading “Virgin Wins £700 Million Contract”

How Atos Are Taking Over

The NHS is not being privatised with a bang; but more with a cunning deceitful whine. We only have to take a look at Holland, which privatised its health care system in 2006, to see how it’s feasible for the NHS to be privatised by secrecy. Following the Dutch example, privatisation is occurring in three phases. Continue reading “How Atos Are Taking Over”

NHS Patients Too Scared To Protest!

Sick people in hospital are afraid they’ll be treated worse if they speak up about their problems with their care; as stated by the NHS Ombudsman. In-patients who are afflicted by poor care in hospitals are being let down by a poisonous cocktail inside the health facilities; as claimed by the NHS Ombudsman. It was claimed thatContinue reading “NHS Patients Too Scared To Protest!”

NHS trust instructed to warn landlords following a man taking his own life

Coroner advises social landlords are notified about vulnerable patients A coroner has urged that a London Hospital trust passes on details about vulnerable patients to social landlords after a mentally ill social tenant committed suicide because he was being turned out of his home. The gentleman, 44, was found dead in his home in AprilContinue reading “NHS trust instructed to warn landlords following a man taking his own life”

NHS Being Given Millions

It’s a powerful concept; if it wasn’t such a foolish one.  When they could be taking that cash and, putting back into the NHS to assist with a patients recuperation, decent employees and manpower. A lot of that money will be exhausted on methods that will let hospitals, GP surgeries and out of hours doctors toContinue reading “NHS Being Given Millions”

Fury As NHS Care For Disabled Boy Is Delayed

This little boy has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  Nevertheless, the NHS are holding up advanced medical care for this little boy. Bradley has a disability that makes his muscles weaken and waste; which then causes heart and lung problems. This family is in a race against time to get medical care which will increase the schoolboy’s standardContinue reading “Fury As NHS Care For Disabled Boy Is Delayed”

Virgin on the Ridiculous!

Richard Branson and Virgin – Virgin on the ridiculous more like!  The NHS has gone into competition and, it seems that what was formerly the spine of our culture, the NHS is presently a sick joke. On March 27, the Health and Social Care Bill was given Royal Assent and became law, but the NHSContinue reading “Virgin on the Ridiculous!”


It didn’t shock me when I read in the tabloids this morning about the scandals and, cover-ups over the deaths of patients in hospitals, specifically Morecambe Bay and Mid Staffordshire. Does it not make people wonder what other cover-ups there have been?  I’m not saying there have been, I am just saying, could there haveContinue reading “DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS”

NHS 111… How can we ignore you?

I have only ever used the NHS 111 helpline once; I cannot say I found it good or poor, but I can certainly say it wasn’t superb. NHS 111 helpline is a party of people that sit behind a desk responding to telephone calls and, reading off a list of things that they have been toldContinue reading “NHS 111… How can we ignore you?”

Of The Female Gender

Women might only end up working part-time, but that does not mean they do not qualify for an education, or the right to work in the job of their preference. There are also a large amount of female doctors that work full-time and, have families and, also doctors that work in hospitals, mainly those inContinue reading “Of The Female Gender”