Boris Johnson Trashes Target To Decrease Net Migration To Tens Of Thousands

Boris Johnson has ditched the target to decrease net migration to tens of thousands as he cuts the £35,800 salary cap for skilled UK migrants.

The plan, which ditches the aim put forward by Theresa May’s government, was announced in a 507-page rulebook.

Under the new proposal, the cap needed for skilled migrants to remain in the United Kingdom without any time restrictions will be lowered to £25,600.

It comes as Boris Johnson seeks an Australian style points-based immigration system, which will take earnings into account along with a myriad of other factors, and comes into effect from January next year.

The move, which has been confirmed by the Home Office and will be introduced from December 1, was spotted by Oxford University’s Migration Observatory.

The project’s deputy director, Rob McNeill, told a news outlet that they’re acknowledging that the bluntest of all the instruments the Government used to get to that target of tens of thousands has been kicked into touch.

Migration Watch UK’s Chairman, Alp Mehmet, described the move as outrageous, adding that to make matters more ominous, these significant changes are being slinked in through the back door with sparse detail and lack of advanced notice.

It follows figures revealing in August that net migration to the United Kingdom soared to its highest level since the Brexit referendum in 2016 in the build-up to the coronavirus outbreak.

A wave in student numbers, especially from South East Asia, saw 313,000 more people enter the United Kingdom. This was an upsurge on about 92,000 on the figures in March 2019 and the highest level since March 2016, when net migration was calculated at 326,000.

But the figures were likely to be the last to see large numbers of people joining and exiting the United Kingdom, due to the lockdown that came into force at the end of that month.

And according to the ONS report, over the past year, about 715,000 people moved to the United Kingdom and about 403,000 people left the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Home Secretary Priti Patel has been wrestling with a surge in migrants crossing the Channel in recent months and some 90 hotels are being used by the Home Office to house migrants being processed, including four-star accommodation under a £4 billion outsourcing contract.

There’s been a surge in the number of migrants arriving in Britain this year, with media stories suggesting that nearly 1,500 people crossed the English Channel in small boats and dinghies in August alone.

And many people have had enough of this Tory Government with so many U-turns, so many blunders and the breaking of International Law – why can’t we just skip to a Labour or Lib Dem Government, so that we can see a transformation, in a good way.

However, we do need a target because we are grossly overcrowded and overstretched, but this Tory Government backstabs the British people at every single opportunity and this will mean that so many more migrants can now come to the United Kingdom if they meet the lower threshold and Boris Johnson seems to be wriggling again.

Perhaps they should evaluate on a need basis because multiple jobs have gone to migrants that were needed by the British people, but more money should be put into training people to fill these jobs.

And they should stop these ridiculous university fees so more can go on to get the qualifications they need. Education is the key.

There’s nothing conservative about this so-called Conservative Government and they’re just self-serving, uncharitable and idiotic and they couldn’t get any more Tory if they tried.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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