Couple Without Credit History Denied COVID Test

A couple has been denied an at home COVID test because they didn’t have enough credit history and now there are fears that thousands of others could be in the same position.

Laura McCormack and her partner had three of the main manifestations of coronavirus and endeavoured to order a test online, but despite being on the electoral register and having a bank account, she was told they would have to go to a test site because their names and addresses couldn’t be confirmed in anti-fraud checks using the database supplied by a credit reference agency.

Laura McCormack said she had been in the United Kingdom less than a year and hadn’t built up a credit history and feared this was why she was refused.

Talking on BBC’s Money Box podcast, she said that the situation seemed a bit crazy and that they were guests in the United Kingdom and they were trying very hard to keep the population safe by self-isolating and getting tested.

But not being able to prove their identity was extremely bizarre. They’re both on the electoral roll, they both have bank accounts here in the United Kingdom, they’re on a lease and they both have bills.

There are numerous ways the Government could have accessed their identity information, so the reason the Government has chosen the credit path is a mystery to them.

The Government uses credit reference agency TransUnion to check addresses to reduce deception or misuse of the home testing system and to prevent multiple testing kits being ordered.

Both the Department for Health and Social Care and TransUnion told the BBC that it was not necessary to pass a credit check to get a home test kit.

TransUnion said that in some cases they may not be able to verify the individual’s identity, which can happen for several reasons, but they said there were other ways to request a test, including calling 119 or going to a walk-in test centre.

Research from credit experts Experian in 2018 suggested that there could be almost six million people invisible to the credit system and it’s not just happened to them, there have been other people that have not been able to get a test done because they couldn’t be verified, so had to go to a test centre, which is a complete travesty.

And it’s more than a little worrying that they’re checking credit files at all, but this is what happens when the Government outsources identity protection and the system for getting a test is far too complex for those without transportation or internet access.

And it doesn’t make any sense that just because a person hasn’t had credit or paid their way that they’re not allowed these things and it seems that when the Government outsource a public service to the private sector you’re dealing with people for whom you don’t exist except in financial terms.

So what does our credit have to do with this? Are they expecting us to all pay for the Test and Trace system now?

This is an excellent way to check people’s identification!

And the present moronic functionaries in Westminster have decided that evidence of identity should not rest with proof such as National Insurance number, bank account, a UK address or even household bills.

Instead, they’ve decided, no doubt to line the pockets of their equally corrupt friends to make proof of identity reliant on credit history and because of this a lot of people are being denied tests.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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