Businesses Could Turn Away Customers

It’s been claimed that private firms could turn people away if they’ve not had a coronavirus vaccine and a senior cabinet official said that there’s nothing to stop companies from demanding customers having the jab.

However, Boris Johnson has said that Government would not force people to get vaccinated, saying that’s not the way they do things. However, a senior Whitehall source told a news outlet that they do believe that very quickly when the vaccine becomes available that all sorts of organisations will come to their own conclusions, and that to say fly or operate safely, businesses will decide it’s safer to ensure people have been vaccinated.

But that they can’t put the cart before the horse because vaccines haven’t yet been approved and they haven’t had to make those kinds of discussions yet.

Australian airline Qantas has already said it won’t let international passengers board their flights unless they have evidence they’ve been vaccinated against COVID 19.

CEO Alan Joyce said the move would be a necessity once constraints across the globe start to relax and he told Australia’s Nine Network that the company was presently looking at altering their terms and conditions to ensure all international travellers are vaccinated.

He went onto say that whether we need that domestically, they will have to wait and see what happens with COVID 19 and the market, but certainly, for international visitors coming out and people leaving the country, they believe that’s a necessity.

It’s expected that a coronavirus vaccine could be rolled out to the most vulnerable in the United Kingdom before the end of the year, with the preponderance of the population being vaccinated early next year.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said life could start to go back to normal after Easter following the breakthrough in the Pfizer jab and Oxford vaccine, although this would depend on them being approved.

Although vaccines won’t be compulsory in the United Kingdom and Boris Johnson said everyone should be extremely pro-vaccine as he tore into anti-vax propaganda at a Downing Street press conference.

He estimated that the preponderance of people could be vaccinated by Easter if there was a favourable wind and chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty added that his advice or any medical practitioner’s advice would be that these should be voluntary vaccinations.

Businesses attempting to force vaccinations on people is against your human rights and I can see in the future numerous people suing – this is not Nazi Germany, well not yet anyhow.

And it’s so amusing because the Government are denying that they’re making the vaccine mandatory, but in fact, it appears they’re considering it.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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