Boy, 3, Dumped In Freezing Graveyard With His Pet Pooch

Tony was spotted running after an automobile with his dog as it tore away leaving him unattended in the cold at a graveyard, the boy has since been taken in by a foster family while his family were tracked down.

The three-year-old boy was dumped with his pet pooch in a snow-covered cemetery just two days before Christmas.

The tot was spotted running after an automobile as it pulled away leaving him alone with his canine companion in freezing temperatures.

A woman reported the heartbreaking scene as the child attempted to keep up with the fleeing car, as it left the Hope Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Hinckley, Ohio, on Wednesday, December 23.

The woman contacted the police and said the boy and his dog were running after a blue, medium-sized automobile.

Police arrived and discovered the boy, who told them his name was Tony and they took the boy and his pooch into protective custody.

The boy knew the first names of his mum and dad but had no idea where he lived, so the child was put in foster care and the police made a public appeal to locate his family.

Tony’s relatives spotted his picture in the local media and contacted his father, who the police have said has been extremely cooperative.

Police say the boy was supposed to be in his mother’s custody when he was dumped, and in a statement, Hinckley Police Department said that while the investigation is still ongoing with a bunch of questions unanswered they wanted to assure everyone that Tony was doing extremely well in the caring home of a foster family in Medina County.

They said that his father had been extremely cooperative with them and Children Services in the investigation and that they would release further details when they could, and the community came together and brought dozens of Christmas presents for the little boy, who has found himself living with a foster family over the festivities.

Hinckley Police Department’s spokesman added that he wanted to thank everyone for their kindness in wanting to buy Christmas gifts for Tony and the people who took him in, and that they were all wonderful people and that they have a fantastic community in Hinckley, all of Medina County and beyond.

How could anyone anywhere leave their child and a dog in a graveyard in baltic conditions and drive away without a care in the world? It’s unbelievable and inexcusable and it’s difficult to believe that there are people like this out there in the world.

I just hope that his dog was not taken away from him – losing all that love in one day, that’s just too much, but now, hopefully, the dad will get custody of the child.

It could be that the mother has a mental illness, either that, or she’s just a parasite – he was left in a cemetery for Christ sake and she should be charged because she dumped him and left him vulnerable and helpless.

She should get what she deserves, mental illness or not. Why couldn’t she have just left him somewhere warm, like a hospital, anywhere, but not a cemetery?

This poor child was dumped by the one person who was supposed to care for him and it astounds me how anyone can be so callous and I hope that they find the savage of a mother so that she can be punished for the crime that she’s committed.

Clearly, the parents weren’t together and the child was supposed to be with his mother at the time, and although the dad is being cooperative, he probably won’t take him home anytime soon.

What on earth goes through some people’s brains – to think about this awful behaviour and then to actually act on it? And it looks like people just don’t abandon their pets, but they now also abandon their children.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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