Dog Walker Suffers Anaphylactic Shock

A woman with a severe allergy had to go to the hospital after she was pelted with eggs while walking her dog in Coventry.

The 40-year-old was with a friend when two men in a white van drove by them and tossed the eggs which struck both of them.

The victim instantly suffered an anaphylactic shock and her daughter had to run to find them in Brownshill Green Road and give her mum her EpiPen.

The incident happened between the garden centre and the residential home near Waste Lane at around 12.15 pm on Wednesday, December 30.

The woman, who’s a teacher and didn’t wish to be named told CoventryLive that she meets her friend regularly to walk their dogs together and they were in Brownshill Green Road when they felt something hitting them and there was a van going past with two men in their 20s pelting eggs.

She said that they weren’t too far from her partner’s house and her daughter was there so she ran down to them with the EpiPen, and she said that she took off her coat and removed as much clothing as she could that had the egg on it.

She said that they then walked back and they could see several eggs on both sides of the road, so they’d clearly tried to get other people as well.

She said that her eyes were watering so much that she struggled to see what make of van it was or get the registration plate, but she was able to make out that it was a small white van with writing on the side and a built-in ladder on part of the roof.

And she said that she’s still feeling the effects of the anaphylactic shock and an ambulance was called out to their home that evening as she had another reaction.

Her friend also suffered a swollen hand in the incident after being struck by one of the eggs.

There’s been growing incidence’s of extreme violence and also gratuitous anti-social behaviour, and Coventry is becoming a truly nasty place to live for many.

This wasn’t children that were hurling the eggs, these were fully developed men – if it had been children, we could have argued that they didn’t know any better, but then some people just don’t think of the consequences of their actions.

And more education is needed in general about this because numerous people think that food has to be ingested to cause injury, but this isn’t accurate at all, and there’s also a loophole in the law because you could say that you had no idea that throwing food could kill someone, but if people were educated about this, there would be no excuse.

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