Chris Whitty warns UK heading into ‘worst point in the pandemic’ as he slams Covid-sceptics

Chris Whitty, the Government’s Chief Medical Officer, has warned that the UK’s heading into the worst point in the pandemic as he advised Britons to limit as much as possible in their social interactions with others outside their household.

Professor Chris Whitty joined Louise Minchin and Dan Walker on BBC Breakfast on Monday to answer questions from members of the public on the new lockdown rules that are in place in England to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The Chief Medical Officer gave the stark account as he used the opportunity to blast COVID disbelievers for spreading crazy ideas about the scale of the crisis facing the NHS this winter.

He said the situation was extremely serious and warned the country is heading into the worst weeks in terms of the pressure on the NHS of the whole pandemic.

Professor Chris Whitty said that he didn’t believe that the great preponderance of the British public, who are amazingly sensible, think this not happening and he believed that people understood that was a really serious dilemma.

He said that we will get through this and that we would get through this together, but that at this point, we were at the worst point in the pandemic for the United Kingdom, and that there were always going to be cries of people who come up with ridiculous ideas and suggestions of things that are either just not true or a misunderstanding of what’s going on.

He said that anybody who looks at some of the reports that the BBC and other news outlets have done from hospitals. Anyone who talks to a doctor or a nurse operating in the NHS. Anyone who reads any newspaper, they will know this is a really serious dilemma.

He continued that this was not a typical winter and that every winter has its difficulties, but that this was in a different league.

The remarks came as the UK wide death from COVID 19 exceeded 80,000 with infections climbing to more than three million.

Host Louise Minchin also read out a question sent in by Mike, who had asked when the UK would be able to return to life as normal.

In reply, Professor Chris Whitty said that he was confident that things would go back to how they were before and that was not in doubt.

People that have had the vaccine should be required to say at home for at least three weeks after they’ve had the jab, or at least until it’s known that it’s been effective, but it appears as if Boris Johnson is a puppet and someone’s got their hand up his bottom.

And do you think we will go back to what was normal? Of course not, they have us right where they want us and planned us to be, and it’s almost like modern-day slavery, and we should have closed our borders right from the onset of the virus, but then it seems that Great Britain welcomes everyone.

And what we should be having are stories about the people suffering from mental health problems during the lockdown and the people that have suffered as a result of that.

Let’s also have stories on people that have encountered bankruptcy because of the lockdowns, because SAGE unquestionably isn’t concerning themselves with these victims, but countless people suffer from severe mental health problems, which has been made more acute by the lockdown.

Numerous psychiatric doctors have either left or can’t work and the suffering are just left on their own and struggling and when they try to contact someone about it, it’s just blamed on COVID – it appears that COVID is the fall guy.

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