Tory MP Proposes New Law To Prohibit Photoshopped Images

Celebrities could be banned from posting airbrushed pictures without stating they have been changed under a proposed new law. Tory MP Doctor Luke Evans wants advertisers, social media companies and broadcasters to label pictures which have been doctored to make people look slimmer or more muscly because the Hinckley and Bosworth MP, who is alsoContinue reading “Tory MP Proposes New Law To Prohibit Photoshopped Images”

Gary Lineker Can Continue Twitter Rhetorics

Gary Lineker will be excluded from new BBC edicts requiring its staff to reign in their political opinions on social media, it’s been claimed. It comes as new BBC head Tim Davie said he’s leading a fresh approach at the BBC for the corporation to become more impartial. He said this would mean BBC staffContinue reading “Gary Lineker Can Continue Twitter Rhetorics”