This New York Scientist Is Treating Human Beings Like Lab Rats

Dieter Egli, a scientist based at Columbia University, is creating human embryos, altering their genome, and then destroying them inside 24 hours.

But if scientists can treat human beings like lab rats, what does that say about our overall attitude towards human life?

If we treat human life like it’s a matter of technical mastery and control, we no longer treat it like a precious gift that deserves our respect.

A Chinese scientist created an international scandal when he altered the genes of a pair of unborn twins, in what became known as the CRISPR scandal.

But another scientist in New York was doing something quite similar, without incurring the international backlash.

His research was rife with ethical concerns and had the potential to unleash a dystopian future on the world.

Dieter Egli, a scientist based at Columbia University, is creating human embryos, altering their genome, which is the DNA sequence and then destroying them inside 24 hours.

Dieter Egli told NPR that they just do the editing and then hope everything goes right and implant that into a womb.

But this is pure sophistry. Why else experiment with gene editing if not to eventually bring gene-edited babies to term?

Presumably, as his research proceeds, he will destroy embryos at later stages of development, and then ultimately bring some to term as genetically edited children.

This raises a multitude of questions, not just about killing the unborn, but about what human beings are in the first place.

Human beings are not products to be created and destroyed on a whim.

They’re not inanimate objects to be disposed with at any time, and treating them as such is dangerous and wicked.

The human beings that Egli has irresponsibly created and destroyed have the potential to develop into thriving adults, just like the rest of us, and if scientists can treat human beings like lab rats, what does that say about our overall approach towards human life?

Are we more concerned about the possible dangers of genetically modified food than we are about genetically altered human beings?

This line of research poses additional possible problems because changes made to human genome would be passed down to future generations through individual’s germlines, and we have no idea what kinds of complications that could create in the long term.

Egli and others claim this technology will be used to find cures to genetic diseases, but it could also easily be weaponised in the wrong hands, and designer babies could be used as super soldiers, a possibility that China is reportedly already exploring, and be used as a tool for eugenics.

And until we the people force our government to stop financing the NIH and NSF, these people are free to conduct whatever experimentation they want, and this is why these barbaric’s in New York passed a law and then cheered about it – New York, the hotbed for all things moral and right, I don’t think so!

This is Dr Frankenstein Syndrome where they believe that eugenics is a God philosophy, and it seems that human life now has no value and now we have another Josef Mengele.

It will not end well with people attempting to play God because you can’t mess with nature, and the vanity of man will cause so much woe, where man are deciding the life or death of other human beings and bending the laws of nature, and there appears to be a lot of sick people out there these days, and the fictional novel ‘Frankenstein’ by Mary Shelley illustrates what occurs when a man tries to become the creator, God!

Published by Angela Lloyd

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