Schoolgirl, 13, Left Fighting For Life After Bath Bomb Almost Killed Her

Emelia Brain was given an adrenaline shot and rushed to the hospital for treatment after she dunked herself in a hot bath containing a milk laced cosmetic.

She was left fighting for her life after using the bath bomb, which she later discovered contained milk.

Emelia Brain screamed for help from the bathroom minutes after she submerged herself in the aromatic water.

The girl’s mum and dad rushed in to discover their daughter gasping for air and clawing at her throat as they sprang into action, puffing ten doses of an inhaler into her mouth before calling 999.

Paramedics arrived inside five minutes and plunged shots of antihistamine and adrenaline into Emelia Brain.

Covered in angry red welts, the teenager was blue lighted to New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton where she was given a large dose of steroids and told she would be okay.

Once her safety was confirmed, Emelia’s dad Scott read the bath bomb package to find it had milk in, something his daughter is seriously allergic to.

For her mother Maria, the thought of what could have happened to their daughter had she gone into anaphylactic shock while at home alone preys on her mind, and Maria said, what if they’d been downstairs with the door closed?

Or that she could have been in the house by herself, whereby she might not have stood a chance, and that the reaction was so quick because she was ingesting the vapours.

Since a young age, Emelia Brain has had to be cautious about what she eats and the cosmetic products she uses, and her allergies first became apparent when she kissed her mother on the lips after she’d been eating yoghurt and her face ballooned up.

Tests found she was allergic to all dairy products, eggs, tree nuts and the cold, and she also has asthma and being conscious of how seriously ill she could fall if she ate the wrong snack or used the wrong soap, and from a young age Emelia Brain learned to diligently read labels.

And along with younger sister Elisia, 8, who has asthma and environmental allergies, Emelia makes videos for her YouTube channel about living life with allergies, but on January 15 this year Emelia Brain had a momentary lapse when she scanned the Bomb Cosmetics brand Unicorn Christmas Bath Bomb label she’d been given as a present.

Convinced it didn’t contain anything she was allergic to, Emelia Brain dunked it into the bathtub, watched it fizz and then got in.

Her mother explained that they had gone to bed when Emelia got in the bathtub, but inside a minute and a half Emelia let out a cry for help and her mother knew she was in trouble and that she couldn’t breathe.

All food and beautifiers et cetera should come with bold instructions and guidance because many of the ingredients and preparations are too difficult to read, but is this intentional, or merely an oversight?

It appears that allergies in children now are a complete minefield and recent tragedies have brought the issue of allergies into the limelight, and dealing with allergies is an everyday fact of life for millions of people in the United Kingdom.

Under current guidelines, food packaged on-site before sale doesn’t require a specific allergen label, and according to Allergy UK, such conditions affect between six and eight per cent of children.

For children with severe allergies, daily tasks can be challenging, from eating lunch to travelling on public transportation, and when the allergen comes into contact with the antibodies, these cells release certain substances including histamine, which causes swelling, inflammation and other problems.

People with severe allergies may be at risk of anaphylactic shock, a drop in blood pressure which can lead to loss of consciousness and sometimes death, although it can be managed with an adrenalin auto-injector, otherwise known as an EpiPen.

In the two decades up to 2012, the number of hospital admissions in the United Kingdom for anaphylaxis grew by 615 per cent.

Nikos Papadopoulos, professor of allergy and paediatric allergy at the University of Manchester said that allergies have been increasing for more than a century, and they’re still increasing in some areas and appear to have reached their plateau in others.

And he said that it was also important to note that numerous children have hypersensitivities that are mild and therefore are not given much attention. For instance, a bit of dry skin, or the occasional wheeze episode or mild hayfever.

Around the globe, children are far more likely than ever before to develop food hypersensitivities, and inquiries into the deaths of British teenagers after consuming buttermilk, sesame and peanut have highlighted the sometimes tragic consequences, especially when a six-year-old girl in Western Australia died as the result of a dairy allergy.

The rise in allergies in recent decades has been especially prominent in the West, and food allergies now affect approximately 7 per cent of children in the United Kingdom and 9 per cent of those in Australia, for example.

Across Europe, 2 per cent of adults have food allergies.

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