Aldi Wrecking Rampage

This was the moment when a woman smashed hundreds of bottles of alcohol and launched gin at customers in a rampage at Aldi.

She remained silent as she hauled thousands of pounds worth of wine, beer and spirits from the budget supermarket’s shelves in Hertfordshire on Wednesday afternoon.

On customer queuing to pay for his goods told her to calm down, prompting her to launch a bottle of gin at his leg.

The tumult shows a woman wearing a hoodie, backpack and mustard tracksuit bottoms, slip on bottles and slash her right hand. She then raised it in the air and carried on tearing the bottles down with her left hand.

A security guard from a nearby store detained her by bear-hugging her before she was arrested by the police at about 2.30 pm.

Telly presenter Lee Clark, 50, watched the drama unfold in Stevenage, Herts, and said that it was extraordinary and that he’d not seen anything like it before in his life.

He said that she didn’t say a word the whole time and had a very vacant look on her face, and that she must have smashed well over 500 bottles and that it was shocking and started getting incredibly dangerous.

She was taken to hospital for treatment to injuries to her hands and is now in police custody.

This woman was clearly having a meltdown and crying out for help, but at present, it’s not known what punishment she will get.

And did you notice it was a security guard from a nearby store that stopped her in the end? Brave man because it wasn’t even his job, and if this was to do with mental health, patients are supposed to have care, but now they’re wandering the streets.

Some are given positive support, such as medication, but often they get no help at all, yet medical professionals tell us they can live normal lives, and care in the community certainly isn’t working and has never really worked.

Social workers checking patients have been attacked and worse because who sees them take their medication? And this woman is clearly one messed up individual and needs help, but she probably won’t get it.

The trouble is the whole world has gone politically incorrect crazy.

Nobody endeavoured to stop her, not the security staff or anyone else, but surely common sense dictates that after the first few bottles were being smashed, somebody needed to step in, not only to limit the damage but to stop anybody from being harmed.

Bring back the good old days where anyone could help without fear of being politically incorrect – at least she was having a smashing time!

Published by Angela Lloyd

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One thought on “Aldi Wrecking Rampage

  1. When I first saw this I was agog. I’m originally from Stevenage, and like any town it has its share of people with problems and difficulties, but I’ve never witnessed that kind of destruction on that kind of scale. I hope she gets the help she needs.

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