Prince Charles Visits His Ailing Father Philip In Hospital

The Prince of Wales arrived at King Edward VII’s hospital in London to visit his father the Duke of Edinburgh.

Prince Charles arrived at the rear of the London hospital where Philip, the 99-year-old husband of Queen Elizabeth, has been since Tuesday, and he’s expected to remain in hospital until next week.

Prince Charles, 72, was pictured wearing a face mask as he walked from his vehicle into the hospital.

It’s now Philip’s fifth day in the private facility in London and comes as the fallout from the announcement about Harry and Meghan’s withdrawal from working royal life continues, and it’s understood that the Duke of Edinburgh was knowledgeable that the announcement on Harry and Meghan was due to be released yesterday.

The Duke of Edinburgh is having observation and rest after being admitted to the hospital earlier this week after feeling ill, but as Charles was pictured arriving to see his father, the King Edward hospital’s website said visitors would only be considered in extraordinary circumstances.

Prince Charles’ visit to the hospital to see his father came a day after he appeared beside his wife the Duchess of Cornwall in a video message to urge ethnic minorities disregard bogus news and get their COVID jabs.

Prince Charles, 72, who along with the Duchess of Cornwall, 73, has had his first coronavirus jab and told of his concern about the variable uptake amongst black and Asian Britons.

Philip, 99, was reported as being in great spirits after he walked unaided into King Edward VII Hospital on Tuesday evening on the recommendation of his doctor.

A Royal source said that following consultation with his doctor he is expected to remain in the hospital for observation and rest over the weekend and into next week and that his doctor was acting with an abundance of caution.

The Queen has informed him of Meghan and Harry’s decision to not return as working members of the Royal Family and the statement she was going to deliver on the development.

Philip and Harry have always shared a close relationship, but a recent book implied he’d been left confused by his decision to walk away from the Royal Family, and Ingrid Seward, author of Prince Philip Revealed, said the Duke of Edinburgh stepped away from the situation after sensing that his advice was being ignored.

And it’s great that Prince Charles has been permitted to visit his father, but sadly some people can’t see their families at all, and this is bad, and it appears to be one rule for them and one rule for us.

But then I guess he is in a private ward, and I suppose because he’s the son of a Queen, and his father is 99 years old – perhaps we should give him a break, and for all we know, this could be the last time Charles sees his father.

However, if someone has a private party tonight, does that mean they’re okay to have the whole gang round?

Hopefully, though, things are not too bad with Prince Philip, however, if the Queen visits, then things must be extremely grave indeed.

It was also claimed on Friday that Harry was self-isolating at home in Montecito, California, so he can travel back to Britain at short notice if Philip’s health worsens, but the Palace’s statement seems to have thrown this into some doubt.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to this. Nobody should die alone, not even COVID patients, and they should be allowed to have a least one family member there to see them off into the afterlife.

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