Motorists Who Give Up Their Vehicles Will Be Offered £3,000 In Credit

Drivers are to be given up to £3,000 to replace their vehicles with greener modes of transportation.

Motorists in built-up areas with the most polluting vehicles will receive public money to abandon their vehicle for credits.

These will be used on alternative modes of transportation such as bicycles and electric scooters but will also work on congestion, easing forms like public transportation, car clubs and taxis.

It’s hoped that the move will decrease vehicle dependency in larger cities.

According to a news outlet, the scheme will be trialled for two years in Coventry this spring, targeted at those with diesel vehicles built before 2016 and petrol motors before 2006.

Drivers in the area who consent to have their vehicle towed away for the duration of the trial will be given between £1,500 and £3,000 to spend on alternative transportation.

The West Midlands scheme is being paid for as part of a £22 million future transport initiative financed by the government.

Andy Street, the West Midlands mayor said that they have several candidates lined up in Coventry following a public appeal for volunteers last year and they were putting processes in position to allow them to scrap their old vehicles in exchange for transport credits later in the spring.

A similar programme could also take place in Hampshire, where the county council is considering a mobility credit scheme for residents who agree to give up their car for good.

Though the miles dropped in 2020 due to the pandemic, in 2019 vehicles collectively covered 365.5 billion miles, 278.2 of which were cars and taxis, representing an increase of about 11 per cent in five years.

Xavier Brice, chief executive of cycling and walking charity Sustrans, said that it was great to see local authorities considering new ways to reduce car dependency, including mobility credit.

Better, more affordable, public transportation is critical to combating air pollution and climate change, and he said car use accounted for most of the roadside air pollution and carbon emissions.

However, AA president Edmund King pointed out that the strange initiative came at a time when numerous car companies have committed to going electric, and Ford promised to only sell electric vehicles in Europe by 2030.

He said that the money would probably be better spent on providing electric charging points for those without off-street parking rather than giving mobility credits for services that people will use when they need to or feel safe to.

Although I can’t see many people giving up their vehicles because many would not be able to get into work by public transport, and it would probably cost them more on public transport than by car.

Why would anyone travel 22 miles by train when they could drive it at the fraction of the cost, as well as picking up their shopping on the way home? And it sounds like the great reset to me, and in the end, we will own nothing – everything we once cherished is going bit by bit.

And what our Government seem to forget is that unless we have a way of producing green energy from our own homes, people with electric vehicles won’t be able to leave their homes because they won’t be able to charge their cars with no power.

However, with this great reset, eventually, people won’t own anything, and yet they’ll all be happy, while the ultra-liberal globalist elites will be driving their Porsches, Ferrari’s and private jets, whilst the peasants have given everything up in the name of climate change.

The car gives you the freedom to travel and transport your goods and equipment that you need to move without having to pay someone else to do it for you, which would be more costly.

Public transport is not reliable in some parts of the country, and in the countryside, it takes over 100 per cent more time using public transport than using the car to get to your destination.

And public transport networks can’t cope now, so what will it be like afterwards?

Published by Angela Lloyd

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