Piers Morgan Warns Troll ‘I Will Find You And Publicly Expose You’

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan has opened up on his trolling and death threats hell after a troll sent him horrifying messages on social media.

Piers Morgan reported the message to the police and they came and took a statement from him after an unidentified user on Instagram commented on a photo of Piers and his son Spencer, promising they would kill them both.

The chilling comment read that he was a marked man and that calling the police, big tech, or beefing up security wasn’t going to stop them getting him and that it wasn’t a threat, it was a promise, and that he was getting killed.

Speaking alongside co-host Susanna Reid about social media abuse, Piers Morgan said that he’d had a death threat made to him last week on his eldest son’s Instagram, very direct, they said that it wasn’t a promise, it’s going to happen and that they were going to find him and they were going to kill him.

But they also threatened to kill his son as well and Piers thought he was not going to have this, and he said that you can have a legitimate discourse on Twitter, it can be punchy, you can hold public figures to account, you can say what you want and you can have opinions, but you’re not allowed to issue death threats to people.

So he called the police and they came round and took it extremely seriously. So, he thanked the police and now they’re investigating.

He also spoke to Facebook because he knows some top people there because they own Instagram and he said that it wasn’t acceptable. They’re cooperating as well, and he’s going through the process and see what happens.

Because now he wants to know and find these people. They now have their account deleted. But who is this person who believes it’s acceptable to issue death threats on Instagram to his son?

I can’t stand Piers Morgan, but I do agree with him that a line has been crossed, even though he’s one of the most irritating and over-opinionated people there is, but death threats against anyone is out of order, and at the end of the day, his son hasn’t done anything to warrant such despicable threats.

He’s upset someone but that doesn’t justify someone threatening his and his son’s life, and if someone went after one of my children in the same way I’d be as outraged as he is.

Nobody deserves this, and he might be irritating and outspoken, but he’s never threatened to kill anyone and he’s certainly never threatened to kill someone’s son – he’s allowed his opinions, but that doesn’t justify death threats.

There are some gifted hackers out there that would be able to find out precisely who it was who sent the threats, and if the police and Facebook can’t find the person, then perhaps Piers Morgan could go down that route, providing he can get approval from Facebooks owned Instagram.

It seems like Piers Morgan has made many enemies throughout acting like a hard man, although that doesn’t give anyone free rein to threaten him or his son.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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One thought on “Piers Morgan Warns Troll ‘I Will Find You And Publicly Expose You’

  1. I share your views on Piers. He’s often abrasive and obnoxious. I don’t like him, though he’s just about the only one holding this shambolic Tory government to account.

    To issue death threats against him and his son, someone has to be seriously unhinged.


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