Parents Defend Teacher

Parents have come to the defence of a junior school headteacher who was criticised and ridiculed by Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain for having tattoos.

On Tuesday, Piers Morgan hit out at Lee Hill, the headteacher of Howden Junior School in East Yorkshire, who’s decided to remove historical personages like Sir Walter Raleigh, Admiral Nelson and Francis Drake, who are synonymous with Britain’s colonial past, from the school’s curriculum.

The pupils will instead learn about modern figures such as Greta Thunberg, Marcus Rashford, Malala Yousafzai and Amanda Gorman.

Piers Morgan is predictably not a fan of the decision by Lee Hill who he labelled ultra woke and accused him of cancelling the aforementioned historical figures as well as saying that he was covered in Beckham style tattoos and that he comes from an era where image matters.

The presenter added that next, it would be Winston Churchill with this old tattoo guy and that he’ll be cancelling everybody for being despicable, rather than educating children about our history.

However, there’s been a significant pushback on Piers Morgan’s remarks by the parent’s of the children who go to Lee Hill’s school, and it seems that parents have been defending Lee Hill on Facebook and praising him for trying to improve the school.

One parent wrote that they could only go on their own experience of their son as his school and that quite honestly they could only stand for the vast preponderance of parents and the community that, as a headteacher, Lee Hill was outstanding.

That parent said that Lee Hill had turned around his son’s entire attitude and school life. That he’d climbed over all the COVID hurdles and still put the children’s best interests at heart in every way he possibly could.

A woman who claimed her sister went to the school also praised the job that Lee Hill has been doing and called Piers Morgan’s comments out of order, and she said that it was bang out of order to judge someone on their tattoos and that she didn’t believe that it affected his teaching ability.

A third parent added that Mr Hill had been an incredible headteacher through the pandemic, and that he’d hosted lots of events at the school to give the children something to look forward to, and that he made Christmas magical with an inflatable Santa and snowball fighting.

And that he’d ensured that no child went hungry and loaned out laptops so all the children could access home learning.

But perhaps old and new history should be taught, because time moves on and everything becomes history. However, Piers Morgan does appear to have an attitude problem and we should never be judged, and Lee Hill seems to have a lot of admiration from his pupils as well as the parents.

Piers Morgan is obnoxious and pompous about all different types of people. Of course, sometimes he does have a point but mostly he’s just doing it for the publicity, and generally, he doesn’t come across as a very nice person, and yet we allow him into our lives every day.

And whilst some people might not agree with this headteachers ideas. Many might not agree with Piers Morgan, who frequently comes across as being a bit of a bully on TV, and thinking outside of the box a bit, perhaps we oldies need to realise that teaching of the future means new people to learn about.

So the modern hero’s who we oldies might not want to know about, are the ones our children do want to know about.

It might be our history, but it’s not our children’s history. We don’t have to erase the old history, but perhaps for our younger children it’s better that they learn about modern history because it’s their history and times are moving on.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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