PE Teacher, 56, is Banned From Profession

A PE teacher has been banned from the profession after slapping a four-year-old boy on the knees when he threw a tantrum.

Ian Webber, 56, struck the child during an after school football club after carrying him across a sports hall by the shoulders in May 2018.

He warned the boy that if he kicked him again, he would slap him, before slapping him twice on the knees at a school in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands.

Earlier this month, a Teaching Regulation Agency panel heard the attack occurred after Ian Webber told the boy not to pull post-it notes off an ideas display.

The teacher, of Polesworth, Warwickshire, denied striking the boy by hitting but was found guilty at Birmingham Magistrates Court in February 2019.

He’s now been banned from the teaching profession for life after a misconduct hearing ruled his actions amounted to unacceptable professional behaviour.

Ian Webber had been issued with a warning before striking the boy after flicking a child’s throat in 2016 but his behaviour towards young children had become more dangerous.

The panel chairman, Alan Meyrick, ruled that his conduct involved improper physical contact with a very young nursery aged child and that it involved repeated slapping of a four-year-old child on the knees in response to his behaviour at an after school football practice.

He said, furthermore, the conduct took place in the context of an earlier written warning at the same school in 2016 following earlier improper physical contact by Mr Webber towards another child.

He added that in light of the panel’s findings against Mr Webber, there was a strong public interest consideration in respect of the protection of pupils, and the panel was of the opinion that prohibition was both proportionate and appropriate.

And that Mr Webber’s obvious lack of guilt concerning what he did and apparent lack of insight into its effect was a vital factor in determining that conclusion.

He said that despite the findings of the criminal court, at which he denied any wrongdoing, he maintained his denials before the panel.

Through Mr Webber’s trial, the teacher of 16 years insisted he never hit the boy and the slapping sound heard by witnesses may have been him giving the boy a high five, but district judge David Robinson found Mr Webber guilty of assault by beating after saying the evidence of the victim and three other boys were clear and believable.

If it had been a parent they would have been charged with child abuse, and if an adult can’t control a four-year-old child without being physical with them, especially a teacher, they have no business being around children, and there was no excuse for his conduct.

However, teachers aren’t punching bags, no matter what age the child is. This is precisely why we have so much violence and knife crimes and shootings because these children are all now protected and they steal from people and have them living in complete fear.

But the boy was four years old, he was not in a position to beat the child, and the parents should have been called in, and we have no idea if the child had issues, and it wouldn’t have been difficult to take the child into a quiet place until they calmed down, and then to explain why what they did was wrong, in words that they could understand.

Teaching is a stressful job, and some might say that if it’s too stressful they shouldn’t be doing the job, but they’re not taught how to deal with challenging children, they’re just taught how to teach them – they’re teachers, not social workers, and as we all know children can be really irritating, but lovely at the same time.

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