Asda Shopper Pulls Down Mask And Spits At A Woman

An Asda shopper spat in a woman’s face during an altercation at a Liverpool store.

The woman was left shaken up and shocked after the shopper pulled down her mask and spat all over her in the Walton branch.

The victim, who asked to remain nameless, told a newspaper outlet that they were verbally abusive to her and other customers who were attempting to help in another situation.

She said that they were banned from the shop, but a woman ran back at her but was blocked from hitting her, so she pulled down her mask and spat all over her, and she said that she’s been shaken up and upset by it.

The woman claimed that staff and customers inside the supermarket rallied around to help her after the attack and that she wanted to thank them all for their help after the terrifying incident.

Police are appealing for information about the incident which occurred at the store on Utting Avenue, and a spokeswoman for the police said officers were trying to track down the person who spat at the woman.

The spokeswoman said that they were contacted following reports of an altercation involving several people at the Asda store on Utting Avenue in Walton at 4.45 pm Wednesday 3rd March, during which a woman was asked to leave the store.

The spokeswoman said the woman returned to the store a short time later and is reported to have spat at another woman in the store before leaving, and that enquiries were being carried out to trace the woman.

However, this seems the average mentality of a lot of people these days, and nothing shocks me when it comes to confrontation between strangers in public anymore, but there’s no excuse for this kind of behaviour.

And when caught, this woman should get a prison sentence, but she probably won’t and will end up getting a slap on the wrist, but she should be taught a lesson because spitting in someone’s face is something one would never forget.

This is filthy and shameful behaviour, especially when there’s a pandemic, but shameful even without a pandemic, and you can’t just think you can spit in someone’s face and there be no consequences, and when that person is found, there should be a prison sentence for her with this killer virus around, and the judge needs to set an example, and this woman needs to be in court for wilfully endangering life. However, this is the depraved society that we live in today.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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