Brave Mum Dies After Using Her Own Body As A Shield To Save Twin Boys During A Car Crash

A brave mum has died after using her own body so that she could shield her twin boys in a car crash.

Selfless Hillarie Galazka sacrificed her own life to block the impact of the horror crash to protect her young sons.

The 29-year-old died throwing herself in front of her children Hunter and Owen, both five, who were left with minor injuries.

The quick-thinking mum was forced into the heroic act after driving back to her home in Lincoln Park, Michigan on March 1 when her vehicle was rear-ended on an interstate entrance.

The motorist who hit Hillarie’s vehicle was speeding and left the scene.

Hillarie’s mum Jodie Kelley said that her daughter’s body saved them, and she said that the boys said that they saw their mother open her eyes, and look at them and then she closed her eyes and never opened them again. The boys remember that.

The crash is being investigated by state police in Michigan, and reports say that the motorist was later discovered in a hospital and it was found that he had a suspended licence, five current suspensions and two local warrants on top of two prior convictions.

And according to a news outlet the full identity of the male driver, 25, has not yet been released by police, who are awaiting blood tests.

Hillarie’s mother said that she’s devastated and that she couldn’t understand why this man wasn’t in jail for his whole life for all of his warrants.

Two fundraisers have been set up in the wake of the devastating crash, one for the funeral and another to raise money for the children.

Hillarie also had another son, eight, who wasn’t travelling in the vehicle at the time.

Brother Jacob Galazka said that he was just glad the babies survived a tragedy for the family and that everyone loves the children. Everyone loved Hillarie and that she was a good-hearted, strong, beautiful woman and she didn’t deserve to die.

The GoFundMe pages have raised more than $30,000 (£21,718) combined so far.

This was a very brave and caring mother that paid the ultimate price to save her children.

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