Scientist Warns That Human Penises Are Shrinking Because Of Pollution

Penises are shrinking and genitals becoming malformed because of pollution, an environmental scientist has warned in a new book describing the difficulties facing human reproduction.

Dr Shanna Swan wrote that humankind is facing an existential crisis in fertility rates as a result of phthalates, a chemical used when manufacturing plastics that impact the hormone-producing endocrine system.

Dr Shanna Swan wrote that as a consequence of this pollution, an increasing number of babies are being born with small penises.

Her book, titled Count Down, explores how our current world is threatening sperm counts, changing male and female reproductive development, and endangering the fate of the human species.

Dr Shanna Swan’s research started by examining phthalate syndrome, something which is seen in rats which found that when fetuses were exposed to the chemical they were likely to be born with shrunken genitals.

And she found that male human babies who’d been exposed to the phthalates in the womb had a shorter anogenital distance, something that correlated with penile volume.

The chemical has an industrial use in making plastics more flexible, but Dr Shanna Swan said it’s being transmitted into toys and foods and consequently harms human development.

Phthalates imitate the hormone oestrogen and therefore disrupt the natural production of hormones in the human body, which researchers have linked to interference in sexual growth in infants and behaviours in adults.

Dr Shanna Swan, who’s a professor in environmental medicine and public health at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, based her work on a range of peer-reviewed research studies.

One study published in 2017 discovered that sperm levels amongst men in Western countries had fallen by more than 50 per cent over the past four decades after examining 185 studies involving close to 45,000 healthy men.

Dr Shanna Swan believes that the rapidly decreasing fertility rate means that most men will be unable to produce viable sperm by 2045.

Is this the increasing cost of pollution or is this a scare tactic to make us all greener? And I wonder how many billions were used on coming up with that conclusion? And if we went by everything that scientists said, then the world would be non-existent, but then I guess without all the scientist’s none of this would have been written.

And shouldn’t everyone’s hair be on fire about this? Because this is arguably more important than climate change, and if most men won’t be able to produce viable sperm, then it’s lights out for the human race by the end of the century.

And I’m sure this has been brought to our attention before due to harmful chemicals in microplastics, but nobody seemed to care then either, yet plastic and chemical industries have been pumping this into our communities for ages, and industries did precious little research into the toxicity effects on humans before using these substances.

This might be all true because who knows if pollution can be absorbed into our body’s enough that it becomes part of our basic biology and over time something that our children will inherit.

But does that really endanger the future of the human race? If so, then women must move quickly – perhaps find a few healthy males, stick them in a clinically protective environment, harvest them regularly for sperm and freeze the sperm for future AI use.

Dr Shanna Swan said that she’d found that male human babies who’d been exposed to the phthalates in the womb had a short anogenital distance, something that correlated with penile volume – the way things are going, this will all be a census question in ten years – that’s if we’re all still here in ten years!

Published by Angela Lloyd

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