Britain Will Only Vaccinate Children Against COVID If Needed

A government adviser asserted that the United Kingdom hasn’t agreed on any plans to vaccinate children against COVID and will only do it if needed.

Professor Adam Finn, a child vaccination expert at Bristol University and a member of the JCVI advisory group, said no decision had been made.

Leaked government plans suggested ministers want to start getting jabs to millions of under 18s from August to try to achieve herd immunity in the United Kingdom, but the results from clinical trials involving children haven’t been released yet, and the effectiveness and side effects of the jabs when given to children are unknown.

AstraZeneca and Pfizer are both testing their vaccines on under 18s and expect to announce their conclusions by the summer.

Scientists say that giving COVID jabs to children is potentially complicated because they have virtually zero short term risk from the disease, and would only be vaccinated to protect old people, and it’s still unknown, however, how long COVID might affect them.

More than 28 million adults in the United Kingdom have had their first vaccine dose so far and the NHS is on track to reach all over 18s by the end of July.

Professor Finn said on Good Morning Britain that if it does turn out to be necessary to immunise children, he believed it was more likely that they would prioritise teenagers over younger children, only because the data they have at the moment is that transmission of the virus is more liable to occur from and between teenagers who are a little bit more like adults.

And he said that they need to discover before that, what symmetry of the population they need to immunise to get adequate herd immunity and to stifle transmission of the virus and to do that they need to have a clear perception of how efficiently the vaccines hinder infection and transmission, and that data is still on its way at the moment.

The United Kingdom will attempt to accomplish herd immunity, in which so many people are protected that the virus can’t spread, with COVID vaccines, but if the threshold of protection needed is high, and scientists say it’s possibly higher than two thirds, even vaccinating 100 per cent of adults with a 100 per cent effective vaccine, which won’t happen, would only offer 75 per cent, then children may need vaccinating too otherwise the virus will continue circulating amongst them.

However, should our children be forced to vaccinate for a virus that barely affects them? But then each time the virus is passed on, there’s a chance it could mutate, and the more times it’s passed on, the more mutations will occur.

The more mutations, the greater the risk of one of them being extremely dangerous and not being preventable by any of the current vaccinations.

However, this virus has been systemic, and we’d better hope that we’re all strong enough to survive, otherwise, we’ll ultimately stop fighting the new system, and eventually, it will just become easier to overlook the losses and forget what life was like before lockdowns and fear because we should never underestimate those committed to a plan.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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