Licence Fee Payers Are Unconsciously Financing Costly Legal Bills For Martin Bashir

BBC licence fee money is being used to fund legal defence bills for Martin Bashir who’s facing a probe into how he obtained an interview with Princess Diana, more than 25 years ago.

Martin Bashir, 58, who’s the BBC’s Religious Affairs editor, is one of many current or past staff who was implicated in the controversial broadcast.

The BBC is covering the legal expenses of those who are going to be called to give evidence at an independent inquiry into how the interview was obtained, and according to a news outlet, Martin Bashir risks being fired if the inquiry is critical of his means of convincing Diana to talk on camera about her marriage to Prince Charles.

The investigation is being led by former Master of the Rolls, Lord Dyson.

The former director-general of the BBC, Lord Hall, is also being investigated by the inquiry.

A news outlet maintained that Martin Bashir is being represented by Lewis Silkin, who specialises in employment law.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed they’re not launching a criminal inquiry into the interview, and they said that no further action will be taken over allegations related to the Panorama programme broadcast in 1995.

A former employee of Earl Spencer, who claimed he was the subject of false documents allegedly used to gain access to Diana, had earlier made a formal complaint to the force.

A legal representative of Alan Waller, who used to work for Diana’s brother Earl Spencer as head of security, wrote to the Met claiming unlawful activity.

Commander Alex Murray stated that in recent months the Metropolitan Police Service had obtained correspondence claiming unlawful activity in connection with a documentary broadcast in 1995 – this was thoroughly assessed by specialist detectives.

And he said that they obtained legal advice from Metropolitan Police lawyers, independent counsel and the Crown Prosecution Service and that following this detailed assessment, and given the advice they received, they concluded that it wasn’t appropriate to launch a criminal investigation into those allegations and that no further action would be taken.

And that in this matter, as in any other, should any vital new evidence come to light, that they would then assess it.

It has been alleged that Martin Bashir used two mocked up bank statements to falsely show Mr Waller was getting payments as a way to persuade the Earl to give him access to Diana.

And now, of course, they’re using taxpayer money to protect their reputation, and this is the reason why we shouldn’t be paying for a TV licence.

The BBC is full of millionaire socialists, getting wealthy off the backs of the poor and pensioners, and do they not see the irony of this situation?

The BBC appear to be extremely generous with other people’s money, and now it seems a lot of people are cancelling their TV licence, and now wouldn’t watch the BBC even if it was free, and is there any part of the BBC that doesn’t understand that bullying over 75-year-olds to finance the defence of the indefensible is shocking.

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