It’s been reported that a wannabe momfluencer in California who went viral after alleging that a Latino couple tried to steal her children has been charged with giving false information to the police.

A news outlet reported that Katie Sorenson now faces two misdemeanour counts after she alleged that Eduardo and Sadie Martinez had attempted to steal her two children.

In her initial videos, Katie Sorenson sat in her car as she relayed the allegations about Sadie and Eddie Martinez, saying that her children were the victims of an attempted kidnap which was such a ghastly thing to even vocalise but that it happened and that she wanted to share the story. She later made a complaint to the police.

The Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office has now charged her with one count of giving false information to a police officer and another for giving false information to a police dispatcher, which each carry a maximum punishment of six months in jail.

Erika Margarita Mitchell, a family member of the couple, posted on Facebook praising prosecutors for charging Katie Sorenson for the case that has been extensively criticised as an instance of racial profiling.

Erika Mitchelle wrote that it was great news for them all but mostly for her cousin, Sadie Vega Martinez and her husband Eddie because they were wrongly accused by the influencer of trying to steal her children at a local Michaels store.

She said it was a major allegation, and that she didn’t know who she was messing with in her cousin.

Erika Mitchell added that there needed to be consequences for attention-seeking influencers that make up drama for likes and views on social media.

She said that Prosecute Katie is now Convict Katie and could anybody imagine this happening to them – it totally could and that it was unreal.

The Martinez family, who have five children of their own, told a news outlet that they were really happy with the news, and Sadie Martinez told the outlet that it was a nice step towards justice.

Sadie Martinez has also been appointed to Petaluma’s citizen-led advisory committee on policing and race relations by Mayor Teresa Barrett.

The news outlet said she recently unveiled a local version of San Francisco’s CAREN Act, which made racially motivated 911 calls a crime.

The saga began when Sorenson posted two videos on December 13 in which she detailed claims that she dodged the so-called kidnapping attempt, which racked up more than 4.5 million views on her defunct Instagram@motherhoodessentials.

Her defence with probably be her lived experience – the stress of social media and that she’s a mother, all in the hope of a get out of jail free card, but hopefully the judge will see her for what she is, and let’s face it, she goes to Michaels store and then comes out spinning yarns, and this is a disgusting woman who uses her children as clickbait.

This is terrible, abusing her children to get social media attention for herself. This is totally false and so very Munchausen, and there need to be laws that allow people like her to receive the same sentence her victims would have got if they’d been found guilty of the offence she dishonestly accused them of.

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