Harry Plays The Rock Star

Prince Harry had his name in lights as he was welcomed with excited applause and a standing ovation by a delighted crowd during a speech at a star-studded concert in Los Angeles on Sunday, while his heavily pregnant wife Meghan Markle stayed at home.

Harry, 36, told the audience of vaccinated frontline workers and that every single one of them was outstanding before asking them to look beyond themselves as he joined an A list of Hollywood celebrities at Vax Live, an initiative to encourage wealthy nations to share vaccines.

After an announcer read out an introduction to please welcome Vax Live campaign chair Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, the royal stepped onto the stage to a rock style reception, with his name beamed in large letters on a flashing screen behind him.

Harry, who appeared in public for the first time since the funeral of his grandfather, Prince Philip, gave a five minute speech, calling for vaccines to be shared with poorer countries, which was repeatedly punctuated by more ecstatic cheers.

Articulating in a particularly different accent than his former Queen’s English, Harry said that they must see past themselves with compassion and sympathy for those they know and those they don’t and that they needed to lift all of humanity to make sure that no person or community was left behind.

The event, which was being recorded for broadcast on TV on May 8, was the first speech Harry had given since he and Meghan made a string of damaging allegations about their family during an appearance on Oprah. The Duchess of Sussex is supposed to be recording a message to appear in the final broadcast.

The royal was amongst numerous high profile stars, including Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Gayle King and Ben Affleck, to take the stage at Vax Live, which was hosted by campaign organisation Global Citizen at the So-Fi Stadium in Inglewood.

Harry and Meghan, 39, are Campaign Chairs of Vax Live, which strives to encourage vaccine confidence worldwide and help get the COVID 19 vaccines to everyone, everywhere.

In promoting the event organisers, it’s said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would deliver an important global message for vaccine equity.

Meghan, who’s several months pregnant with the couple’s second child, trusted Harry to share that message on her behalf as she stayed home on Sunday.

In his address, Harry said that it was a night for celebration of each of them there. The vaccinated frontline workers in the audience and the millions of frontline warriors throughout the globe.

These people have got together to acknowledge the frontline workers and raise funds for nations that would otherwise be at the back of the line. Countries that have people dying on the streets, and it’s great that they’re showing some kindness.

This is seeing their true value and applying it towards good, and of course, their faces sell newspapers and magazines. But this is something good, even if there are people out there seething in their coffee about what they did or didn’t do.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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