Boris Johnson’s £535 Outstanding Debt

Boris Johnson has been slapped with a court judgment for an outstanding debt after a COVID conspiracy theorist bizarrely alleged he’d repeatedly slandered her.

Official records revealed that the Prime Minister was being pursued failing to pay a £535 bill.

It initially appeared to be a fresh embarrassment for Boris Johnson, who’s already facing an inquiry by the Westminster watchdog over who paid for his £15,000 holiday to Mustique and three separate inquires into who financed the lavish redecoration of his Downing Street flat.

But details obtained by a news outlet show that the potentially damaging court order relates to an unlikely accusation of slander.

The suit was brought by Yvonne Hobbs against The Rt Hon Boris Johnson and she gave her reason for the debt as: ‘Committed repeated defamation.

She used the Online Civil Money Claims service to state that the Prime Minister owed her £535, but the news outlet reported that Yvonne Hobbs, 59, of Leicestershire, is a COVID conspiracy theorist who’s launched many claims against Boris Johnson and public institutions, and that she frequently sends copies of her complaints to the Queen, the BBC, the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

She states ‘I’m taking on the Government’ on her social media.

She’s launched legal suits against Marks and Spencer, Royal Mail, Chancellor Rishi Sunak and various public companies.

Another recent complaint to wrongdoer Boris Johnson was also filed.

Boris Johnson has never made a public statement relating to Yvonne Hobbs.

Because letters about the alleged debt was apparently sent to 10 Downing Street but went unanswered, a default County Court Judgment was issued on October 26 last year without any explanation being given. Online records confirm the debt is still unsatisfied, meaning it’s not yet been paid.

Downing Street believes the claim is entirely bogus and the CCJ shouldn’t have been issued.

It’s understood that Boris Johnson had no idea about it until the first details were revealed by satirical magazine Private Eye.

Defamation cases are meant to be dealt with by senior judges in the High Court, so questions will be asked about why the claim was approved by the online small claims court.

The correspondence was sent to 10 Downing Street rather than any property Boris Johnson owns, or 11 Downing Street, which is where his flat is, and it wasn’t made under his real name, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.

A CCJ has to have the correct and full legal name of the person and the correct address, which means that this particular CCJ will presumably be revoked as it’s invalid, but then COVID has demonstrated how many fools are actually living amongst us.

Boris Johnson didn’t ignore the court letters, the CCJ went to No 10 Downing Street, which isn’t his actual address, so his staff would have been in charge of that side of things, and it’s not that he didn’t bother, he just never knew.

Boris isn’t the person that opens the post, and they get hundreds of letters a day, and it looks like somebody has filed a claim against Boris Johnson, he didn’t respond to it because he never got it, yet it’s been automatically granted.

And Yvonne Hobbs seems like a bit of a fanatic, and it appears that she’s brought various claims against several well-known company names and if her case fails she should be locked up.

But if nothing else, perhaps this will educate Boris Johnson on how ludicrous the British County Court system is.

You can issue a claim for any made-up figure against anybody you like and if it’s ignored, like any rational person would ignore such foolish ridiculousness, then the judgment is automatically granted in their favour, and the debtor will have this lodged on their credit record, ruining their ability to obtain credit, and even if it’s successfully removed later it still leaves a mark on their file for six years – this is an utter shambles of a system, and it could only happen in Britain.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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