Ministers Are Split

Ministers are at loggerheads over whether to prolong lockdown beyond June 21 to protect idiot vaccine refuseniks from the Indian variant.

Tensions are growing within the government as the more transmissible strain threatens to derail the roadmap, which should see all legal restrictions lifted from next month.

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng maintained he was still convinced that the schedule could be kept despite anxiety about surging cases in hotspots.

However, he warned against discrediting those who don’t want to get jabs and summing up the dilemma over June 21 one minister told Politico that the danger was that a small number of idiots ruin it for everyone else.

Meanwhile, there’s surging speculation that local curbs might be needed in England to keep the wider easing on track, with Scotland already targeting restrictions on specific areas.

The wrangling is intensifying as Boris Johnson urged families to adopt a heavy measure of caution with the ban on indoor socialising and hugs finally ending today.

In a guarded statement before revellers mobbed into pubs to celebrate the lifting of restrictions, the Prime Minister said the emergence of the Indian strain of coronavirus meant the restored freedoms should be exercised carefully.

Britain reported four new daily COVID deaths and 1,926 cases yesterday as Matt Hancock urged people to hug mindfully and get jabbed to prevent the new Indian strain from spreading like wildfire.

The government’s COVID dashboard revealed there was an eight per cent rise in cases over the last week, as most of the United Kingdom prepared to loosen COVID restrictions.

The UK’s daily death toll has doubled in the last week, from two on May 9 to four yesterday, bringing the UK total to 127,679 who have died.

There was a recorded 129 people on ventilation in hospital in the United Kingdom and 991 people currently hospitalised due to the virus, as of Thursday, May 13, the latest figures available.

From today, pubs, restaurants and cafes can serve customers indoors. Cinemas and hotels can reopen and people can embrace loved ones from other households for the first time in more than a year.

Tory MPs called on Boris Johnson to reject warnings from scientists that lockdown restraints may have to remain in place longer because of the new variant.

Former minister Simon Clarke said that the evidence was increasingly encouraging that vaccination works against the Indian variant, but that it was important people got the vaccine when offered, and that the broader society shouldn’t be held back from recovering their freedoms by those who choose not to protect themselves and others.

But is this really less about the virus and more about the government being unable to waive control over the people now? And is this not just pure coercion from our government? Or are we all fools for getting a rushed vaccine that’s still in the emergency stage?

But perhaps it’s not the refuseniks that are idiots, maybe it’s the people that have had their jabs that are slaves and sheeple, although that’s probably insulting the sheep because they’ve probably got more sense than human beings have.

The whole world has had enough of these lockdowns now, and everything, everywhere worldwide must reopen because people want to live, they don’t want to be locked inside like a caged animal, and individuals can take their own precautions!

So, what’s the plan now, to shut down the whole country until everyone agrees to have the vaccine – because of course, that’s not shady at all, is it now?

The government had no problem allowing movement between India and the United Kingdom when the new variant emerged, but yet they’re concerned about the British people moving around in Britain.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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