CDC Investigates Dozens Of Reports Of Heart Inflammation In Teenagers

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention’s vaccine safety group is investigating reports that a small number of teens and young adults who’ve been vaccinated against coronavirus have encountered heart problems days after getting their second jab.

The condition, known as myocarditis, results in a swelling of the heart muscle which can happen following certain infections.

Precious little detail was given by the safety group which said there were comparatively few cases that may even be unrelated to vaccination.

Nonetheless, several dozen cases in children and young adults have been reported after taking their second dose of one of the mRNA vaccines, which are Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech.

The CDC is said to be reviewing the reports and is still in the initial stages of exploring the data before it can determine for sure whether there’s a connection between the vaccine and sudden heart condition.

Doctors were first alerted to the possible link between myocarditis and vaccines on May 14. The working group then reviewed the data on myocarditis on May 17.

The cases seem to appear to be occurring largely in adolescents and young adults about four days after their second dose. The symptoms also appear to be affecting males more than females.

The vaccine safety group said that most cases seem to be mild, and follow up cases are continuing. The CDC firmly recommends COVID vaccinations for Americans aged 12 and older.

Guidance has been posted on its website for doctors to be on the alert for heart symptoms which are rare amongst young people.

Infectious disease specialist Dr Celine Gounder said that it may just be a fluke that some people are developing myocarditis following vaccination, and she said that it’s more likely for something like that to occur by coincidence because so many people are getting vaccinated right now.

The CDC is looking to uncover more data concerning the cases to fully realise if they’re directly related to the vaccine or if they’re just a coincidence. The agency has so far not revealed the ages of the patients affected.

Doctors have endeavoured to emphasise that the side effects of getting myocarditis pale in comparison to the possible dangers of catching COVID. Acute COVID itself can cause myocarditis.

The latest figures reveal how more than 3.9 million children have been infected with coronavirus with more than 16,000 hospitalised.

This is an experimental vaccine, it wasn’t FDA approved, and this is a clinical trial – wakey, wakey people. Plus the vaccination does nothing to prevent the spread of the disease, and the mRNA vaccines are entirely new and unknown. The AstraZeneca jab while not ideal is a modified SARS vaccine which at least has a few years track record.

And when they say the CDC is investigating, what they mean is that the CDC is looking for ways to blame the injured children for a pre-existing condition, or a mass psychogenic illness which brought on their heart inflammation with their imagination, or the old favourite, it’s all a big coincidence.

CDC protects pharma, not us!

The trials aren’t over until 2023 and we no longer allow animal testing, so we’re literally all human lab rats, but most people are okay with that, and the word experimental isn’t being used as much as it should be.

And anti-vaxxers aren’t anti-vaxxers at all, and most of these people have had all of their childhood vaccines – you know, the ones that prevented us from getting diseases or illnesses, and the only reason they’re against this one is that it’s been around for five minutes, and doesn’t really stop you from getting the virus or spreading it, and absolutely zero studies on the long term side effects have been done.

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