Russia’s Submarines Are Circling Britain’s Entire Coastline

The Defence Secretary has said that Russia’s submarines are circling Britain’s entire coastline and warned that Vladimir Putin’s force continues to be our number one rival threat.

Ben Wallace, 51, attacked Russia for constantly sending their vessels to UK waters, and maintained that Moscow had carried out several operations, deliberately at Britain.

Ben Wallace, who’s been the Secretary of State for Defence since 2019, also told a news outlet that a Russian Kilo-class submarine was detected in the Irish Sea for the first time in a very long time, at the end of last year.

He told the newspaper that they were repeatedly visited by inquisitive Russian ships, and they were frequently visited by several Russian warships.

It’s the first time that the Government has reinforced the appearance of Russian vessels in the Irish Sea.

Russian vessels are usually detected in either the English Channel or the North Sea, with at least 150 occasions of Russian vessels being discovered by the United Kingdom since 2013.

Mr Wallace added that they’ve tried de-escalation, they’ve tried methods but at the moment until Russia improves its position, it was pretty difficult to see where they were going to go, and while established sightings of Russian vessels were limited, it was reported that at least seven Russian naval ships and a submarine were detected off the United Kingdom last year.

Meanwhile, in February, Portsmouth based patrol ship HMS Mersey shadowed a Russian kilo class submarine as it travelled through the North Sea and the English Channel on the route from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean.

Mr Wallace’s comments came after the Royal Navy flagship HMS Queen Elizabeth withdrew from Portsmouth for Asia on Saturday evening for a 28-week operational deployment, and he told a news outlet that the deployment showed Britain was back as a global military force and dismissed allegations that the excursion would bypass travelling between China and Taiwan.

Mr Wallace said that they were going there to Japan in a positive way, but not a confrontational way, and that the deployment of the fleet, named the Carrier Strike Group (CSG) would cover 26,000 nautical miles moving through the Mediterranean to the Red Sea, then from the Gulf of Aden to the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean to the Philippine Sea.

It has been organised as part of the UK’s tilt to the Indo Pacific region to bolster deep defence partnerships, as well as to take part in an exercise to mark the 50th anniversary of the Five Powers Defence Agreement with Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

Does Russia seriously think that Britain is a menace, I hope not, but let’s just say that they do, does this mean that we are at war with Russia and that Vladimir Putin is the next Stalin, and call me cautious, but I don’t believe that we should be provoking the largest nation on earth with the greatest nuclear cache of weapons.

And let’s face it, it wouldn’t exactly be difficult to attack us with their weaponry because we’re only a tiny island, and as long as they stay in the waters, they’re not infringing any red lines that would justify our response, and having watched the demonstrations in London, I asked myself what would this nation do if we were put on a state of war?

Published by Angela Lloyd

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