Netflix Series The Crown Will Highlight Martin Bashir’s Bombshell Interview With Diana

It’s been claimed that the Netflix series The Crown will highlight Martin Bashir’s interview with Diana despite Prince William’s calls for it never to be aired again.

Reports suggest that the next instalment of the popular series will include the BBC reporter’s dishonest and deceitful 1995 Panorama interview across two episodes.

A source close to the show, which is penned by British playwright Peter Morgan, told a news outlet that the scripts were already out there after being written last year.

They added that the team were doing the most incredible research and they’ve got it all in there – the build-up to the interview, how Martin Bashir effectively groomed Diana, the interview itself, and the aftermath were all factored in over more than one episode.

Reacting to findings of Lord Dyson’s report, which concluded Martin Bashir was in the wrong, and Prince William said the interview now held no legitimacy, had established a false narrative for 25 years, and the BBC’s shortcomings had let his mother, his family and the public down.

A senior royal source told the news outlet that if there were any plans to continue to commercialise and exploit this, not just by the BBC but by any other outlets, forthcoming episodes of The Crown, or whoever it might be, that would be of deep concern to him.

The Duke of Cambridge read his bombshell statement to the camera in a courtyard at Kensington Palace, his London home and the home of his late mother.

Appearing on a Panorama special about the scandal, the princess’s brother Earl Spencer linked his sister’s death to the BBC and the crisis of trust he claimed overwhelmed her after she was deceived by Martin Bashir.

His devastating verdict came as a judge ruled the disgraced journalist deceived the princess with an elaborate fiction that painted some of those closest to her as traitors.

The rogue reporter commissioned bogus bank statements to secure his interview with Princess Diana but cloaked up his cunning behaviour in a shocking stain on the BBC’s near 100-year history.

Martin Bashir is still being paid his estimated £100,000 a year salary by the BBC, its Director-General admitted, as he promised to publish a report into how he was hired again.

The journalist, 58, slated for how he deceived Princess Diana into giving her Panorama interview 25 years ago, was not dismissed despite details of his wrongdoing being widely reported.

However, Diana chose to answer the questions that Martin Bashir asked her. No one put a gun to her head.

Yes, there might have been dishonest methods used around securing the interview, but at the time she still had a team around her who were paid to sort this kind of stuff out, and once Diana chose the words she said, then there was no issue.

She’d been extensively media prepared, she was trained in diplomacy, articulation, and she knew how to play the game, but chose not to.

Yet most people still believe in the monarchy and some even worship them – a family that probably wouldn’t even spit on you if you were on fire! And Diana clearly didn’t think much of the Royal Family, and there’s a majority out there that still don’t.

And the series The Crown is great, so long as you don’t read too much into it, although the interview did happen, and in context, everything was considered real back in 1995, and it doesn’t matter what’s been reported now, and it’s not like they’re fabricating an interview that never took place.

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