Keir Starmer Calls For Proposals For A New Royal Yacht To Be Scrapped

Sir Keir Starmer will attempt to draw Labour back towards the political centre-ground with a promise to crack down on sickening anti-social behaviour.

The Labour leader last night said questionable plans for a new royal yacht should be scrapped, with the savings used to finance the deployment of more CCTV cameras and community support officers in neighbourhoods blighted by crime.

The move will draw comparisons with Tony Blair’s focus on antisocial behaviour as he forged New Labour more than two decades ago.

Sir Keir Starmer, a former director of public prosecutions, accused ministers of dropping the ball on anti-social behaviour.

In an echo of Tony Blair’s notorious pledge to be tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime, Sir Keir Starmer accused Boris Johnson of being soft on crime and soft on the causes of crime.

Figures from the national crime survey suggest that 19 million people suffered the impact of anti-social behaviour in 2019-20, up by one million on the previous year, and an increase of 40 per cent on the 13.5 million reporting problems a decade earlier.

Sir Keir Starmer told a news outlet that he’s spent five years as chief prosecutor and he saw too many cases of crime which some people said was low level not being tackled before it intensified.

And that anti-social behaviour ends up terrorising people, and that numerous people won’t go out of their own home and don’t feel like they can go down their own street and won’t go out after nightfall.

It takes many forms. Sometimes it’s abuse, sometimes it’s driving cars around at speed, sometimes it’s taking drugs on corners and children being threatened walking to school.

Labour’s plan would create a ¬£283 million reserve to tackle anti-social behaviour in the worst affected communities.

But does Sir Keir Starmer actually know what anti-social behaviour is? How many times is he being kept awake by anti-social behaviour with neighbours having all-nighters?

But MPs salaries should be reduced as well, and their perks should be scrapped because we could use those funds elsewhere too. And more CCTV, of course, that will help because London has the most CCTV observed area in the world and still has a crazed crime rate.

And what is this rationale for building a new royal yacht, has one actually been given? And it appears that despite their sensitivity, they’d sooner score a few cheap populist points whilst amidst their own ranks there are elements usually leading to anti-social behaviour themselves.

The biggest problem is our justice system because we treat criminals with kitten gloves, and God forbid we might offend a criminal by calling them one, and it appears that this guy has been selected from the very shallowest of shallow ends of the gene pool.

Police and councils do practically nothing about anti-social behaviour, and it isn’t money stopping them, they have easy solutions, they just couldn’t care less, so long as the gravy train is rolling in for them.

And feckless politicians can always find a more deserving cause to spend money on. It’s their way of looking holier than thou, and Sir Keir Starmer has lived up to all those expectations by pulling this virtue signalling stunt.

ASBO’s are now collected by children like trophies, and Sir Keir Starmer is morphing into Tony Blair before our very eyes, not long now!

Published by Angela Lloyd

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