Imagine If They Ran The Country!

A Labour-run London council has issued a notice confirming it’s facing severe continued financial challenges and unable to fill a staggering £66 million black hole in its budget. Croydon council, in South London, has issued the section 114 notice proclaiming they can’t fill the huge budget gap due to risky property investments and lax financialContinue reading “Imagine If They Ran The Country!”

Corbynites Create Policy Group To Resist Sir Keir Starmer

A group of Labour MPs have established their own policy research operation amid rising left-wing opposition to the leadership of Sir Keir Starmer. In a break with colleagues from the mainstream of the party, several supporters of Jeremy Corbyn are using parliamentary office expenses to finance the Socialist Parliamentary Research Group (SPRG). The pooled researchContinue reading “Corbynites Create Policy Group To Resist Sir Keir Starmer”

Firms Linked To Tories Have Won £500 Million Coronavirus Contracts

Firms linked to Tories have won £500 million coronavirus contracts without having to bid. Labour said at least thirteen companies got the contract with no competitive tendering as companies with links to the Conservatives doing well out of publicly financed projects. Firms linked to the Tory Party have won almost £500 million in pandemic contractsContinue reading “Firms Linked To Tories Have Won £500 Million Coronavirus Contracts”

The Queen Assists Despairing Victim By Sending His Letter To David Cameron

Dad of three Roger Davis is fighting eviction from his three bedroom home, so he decided to write to Her Majesty as a final resort after No 10 Downing Street disregarded him. Now the Queen has been drawn into the coalitions’ Bedroom Tax debacle by passing on a victim’s grievance letter to David Cameron, aContinue reading “The Queen Assists Despairing Victim By Sending His Letter To David Cameron”

State Of The Art Ripple Of Socialism

We must stop working with the exempt stock market solidarity set up by Margaret Thatcher because Britain is at the moment afflicted with the largest decrease in living standards since Queen Victoria was seated on the throne. If political pressure isn’t the central issue of the day, in that case the whole political structure mayContinue reading “State Of The Art Ripple Of Socialism”


Zero-hour contracts are taking away employment protection for millions of our taxpayers.  Such contracts provide none of the recognised working stipulations that all workers should have, such as paid holidays, sickness benefits and so forth.   As a result, a large number of UK companies are taking the upper hand because of economic constraint andContinue reading “MAKE ZERO-HOUR CONTRACTS ILLEGAL!”