No Self-Isolation For Double-Jabbed, No COVID Passports And No School Bubbles

Chris Whitty has backed Freedom Day going ahead on July 19 as he told the Cabinet it should strive to get as much open this summer as possible before winter.

The Chief Medical Officer reportedly indicated his support for lifting the remaining coronavirus restraints next month as he prepared Cabinet ministers on Monday.

Chris Whitty said the winter period was likely to be much more complex, but sources alleged he’d been cautiously optimistic.

The scientist’s backing for easing restrictions represents a huge boost to Boris Johnson ahead of the final stage in his lockdown exit roadmap and comes after ministers had struck a significantly more bullish tone in recent days on reopening.

Senior Government figures have accentuated that the country must now learn to live with coronavirus amid growing hopes of a return to something close to normal.

These hopes have further increased after it was revealed that ministers were set to shelve plans for the compulsory use of COVID certification after July 19.

In the meantime, it’s been claimed that fully vaccinated Brits will no longer have to self isolate for 10 days after contact with a positive COVID case, with the quarantine requirement replaced with daily testing.

And in a third piece of good news, school bubbles are to be scrapped in a bid to prevent a surge in COVID related pupil absences.

However, the change isn’t expected to come into force until the commencement of the next school year in September.

According to a newspaper outlet, Chris Whitty told a Cabinet briefing at the start of the week that the Government is on track to push ahead with lifting the remaining coronavirus restrictions on July 19.

Coronavirus case numbers continue to grow, but there’s not been a similar leap in hospitalisations, prompting increasing confidence that vaccinations have broken the link between infections and serious illness, paving the way for life to get back to normal.

A Cabinet source told the newspaper that the view amongst the scientists was that we should get as much open this summer as possible before winter, which will be much more complex – it was reassuring.

Another source said that the Chief Medical Officer had been cautiously optimistic.

It comes after several ministers had said the country would have to learn to live with the virus in the coming months and years in a marked change in Government tone.

The Prime Minister’s Official spokesman yesterday likened the strategy to living with the flu which killed 22,000 people in England in 2017-18.

The key phrase is before winter, then they’re going to slap restrictions on the people of Britain until the people of Britain stand up to this oppression.

Maybe they’re getting ready to save Christmas, and of course, they’ll get away with it, and they’ll give people a small taste of freedom before locking down hard again come the winter, it’s all so predictable, and this will only end when enough people say NO!

And surely, now, the government will realise that the lockdown, and keeping people inside their homes, self-distancing and mask-wearing has drastically diminished our natural immunity.

And all that can be said is that if the government renege on removing lockdown on July 19, there will be some serious social trouble coming, but you just know that there will be more of this hogwash coming in the winter. So, the reset continues with only a little break, how considerate of them!

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