Moment Brawling Binman Is Knocked Out By Pedestrian

Two brawling binmen recorded fighting in the street while wearing their high vis uniforms have been fired by their bosses.

The jaw-dropping video reveals the men exchanging blows with a group in Chatham, Kent.

One of the orange vested men was knocked out cold after being caught with a left hook and sent plunging to the ground. Then, in an utterly odd moment, the other binman is seen to strip off his jacket, exposing his bare chest.

Wearing just his high vis trousers and boots, the man walked past his knocked out co-worker and starts to brave the gathering.

The row then starts to simmer down as the man picked up his jacket and starts to walk away, while the other picks himself up off the floor.

Moments before, the orange vested men are seen to grab seats from outside a pub before giving chase.

It appears that a member of staff from the pub runs down the street attempting to recover them.

The company they worked for has now identified and fired them both, saying they are shocked by their behaviour in a bustling High Street.

But one of the pair gets into a fight with a man and woman and during that fight is knocked clean out, lying flat on the ground.

One woman watching bellows ‘Jim! Get away!’ as the fight proceeds.

Rather than helping, spectators to the unfolding scene go up to the motionless guy and take his picture as he lies perfectly still on the pavement, and as his friend wanders back he pulls off his top, exposing his beer belly, as one onlooker said: ‘ Don’t be coming at me mate.’

Alicia Martin recorded the unexpected scenes in Chatham, Kent, at just after 5 pm on Monday.

Alicia Martin, who’d been walking through the town centre when the fight began, said it had been a terrifying encounter.

She said: ‘I was walking down the High Street. They were bin men in their uniforms and the next thing they were taking chairs from outside Wetherspoons and trying to throw them at people.

She said that everyone began running up the road, they grabbed chairs and were trying to launch them at everyone, even at her and the boy she was with, and she was saying to get away, and then it got to the middle of the High Street, and one of them got knocked out.

This is a disgrace to every hard-working binman, and now, of course, the council have binned them! And it’s pretty funny that these people have to take their tops off, and if I looked like that chap did, I would have definitely have kept it under wraps. I mean, you don’t see soldiers going off into battle with their tops off, and it gives new meaning to taking out the trash!

Published by Angela Lloyd

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