GP Who Was Struck Off For Failing To Spot Cancer

A GP was struck off for failing to spot cancer in a patient and has admitted to falsely accusing the man’s son of racial abuse to save his career.

Robert Jenyo, 53, falsely claimed he was called a f***ing n****r and told to give way for white doctors to work after he was sued for negligence and investigated by the General Medical Council in 2015.

Robert Jenyo, a Nigerian born GP in Sale, Greater Manchester, had failed to spot signs of cancer in a 60-year-old man who complained of shoulder and mid back pain in 2007.

The medic later claimed the unnamed man’s son, known as Dr AB, subjected him to a flood of racial abuse in an attempt to divert criticism of his mistakes.

Robert Jenyo was struck off in 2015 after his bogus account was rejected, but in May he returned to the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester to appeal for his medical licence.

In the latest hearing, he admitted using the false allegations against Dr AB as a front in the hope he would get away with it, adding what he did was completely wrong.

His appeal was thrown out after it emerged Dr AB, who’s emphatically denied using racist language during an alleged phone call, hadn’t received an apology.

Robert Jenyo, now a care support worker, said that he’d been under pressure at work and was stressed and he was trying to cover up things and that when the complaint came in, he didn’t want the details of the case to come out and suggest to patients, his co-workers and to the public that he was a bad doctor.

He said that at the time he had a huge workload which was making him exhausted and stressed, but that he now understood the impact his actions had on patient A and his family and he regretted what occurred.

Robert Jenyo was reported to the General Medical Council after a 60-year-old man, known as patient A, died three months after being diagnosed with cancer in 2007.

It emerged the patient had complained to Robert Jenyo of shoulder and mid back pain and was referred for physiotherapy.

The man was later sent for an X-ray and blood tests after the physiotherapist noticed weight loss and pain which appeared not to be mechanical.

Robert Jenyo should never be reconsidered for his original position, and it’s shocking to attack someone of a total lie who’s grieving a death.

This man didn’t hold his hands up and admit he was negligent, instead, he just chose to drag his colour into it and erroneously play the martyr, and this sort of behaviour has to stop! And to think we’ve been brainwashed into clapping for individuals such as this person.

This man was creating division and that’s what’s wrong in today’s society, and those who sow seeds of division are dangerous, and he was an incompetent doctor and a terrible human being – a double whammy of terribleness.

And now he’s working as a care support worker. However, the sick and vulnerable deserve better. The problem is we live in a time when this particular accusation appears to trump even the most heinous of crimes, and the law needs to be transparent on this, but sadly, it’s actively supported via prior cases.

At least this man got caught. However, how many get away with this?

Published by Angela Lloyd

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