Boris Johnson Slaps Down Michael Gove

Boris Johnson slapped down Michael Gove after he lashed out at selfish vaccine refusers.

The Prime Minister insisted he wouldn’t use the jibe and getting jabs should instead be seen as a positive thing to do.

Pointing to plans to require evidence of vaccination for entry to nightclubs and events, Boris Johnson said people would be helping themselves as well as society.

The criticism came after Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove stepped up his rhetoric despite a gathering Tory revolt over the possibility of demanding proof of jabs, with a vote on the cards for September.

Sir Keir Starmer seems to have softened his opposition to the measures by implying he could get on board if a negative test could be used as proof as well as vaccination documentation.

On a visit to the Lighthouse testing laboratory in Glasgow, Michael Gove warned those who declined to be jabbed were putting other people’s lives in danger, and he said that if you can be vaccinated and you refuse, that’s a selfish act.

He said that they were putting people’s well-being and lives at risk and that everyone should get vaccinated, and when asked if unwillingness to be jabbed should limit participation at some mass events, the minister said that would depend on which part of the United Kingdom they were in, and what the nature of the event was.

And he maintained that if a person knowingly declines to get vaccinated and there are certain venues and some events that require a specific level of safety – in terms in which a person would be able to get into those venues and those events that will be forbidden to them.

Tory MP Steve Baker said the issue of vaccine passports could create a disastrous rift in the party, but Michael Gove rejected the idea, and he said that they were going to do what’s right for public health and that he believed that COVID certification in some limited venues and for certain limited events was a way of making people safer and giving people more freedom.

But asked in an interview with LBC radio if vaccine refusers were selfish, Boris Johnson said that he didn’t believe so and that he would put it the other way round and say that if a person does get jabbed then they’re doing something massively positive for themselves and their family.

So, it seems that Michael Gove and Boris Johnson are arguing again – what a state this government is in – we need a proper Conservative Party, not one that’s being lead by a neddy.

You do have to question the agenda. Do politicians care about wellness?

Big pharma doesn’t want people that are well because they make their money from people being sick – all you have to do is follow the money, and lots of people are getting extremely rich by all this madness. Perhaps not all based on dishonesty, but they have to do something to push through a passport, curb travel and there’s climate change, and they’re charging you to control a natural cyclic phenomena – ice age, global warming, and now climate change.

It was petrol, then it was diesel, and now it’s electric and heat pumps to save the planet.

Firstly, to generate electricity, you need a fuel source, such as coal, gas, hydropower or wind.

At present, a fuel source is needed to charge and manufacture electric vehicles. That fuel source is a fossil fuel – do these people think we’re totally stupid?

One minute the vaccine works against the variant, then it doesn’t, then it does – these people change more directions than a kite.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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