Queen’s Lawyers Secretly Lobbied The Scottish Government For Balmoral Estate

It’s been reported that the Queen’s lawyer’s secretly lobbied the Scottish government for her private land to be exempt from a new climate change law.

The monarch, whose Balmoral Estate makes her a major landowner in the country, is the only person not expected to use renewable energy to heat her buildings.

In records discovered by Lily Humphreys, a researcher for the Scottish Liberal Democrats, the use of a parliamentary process known as Queen’s consent gave the crown prior notification of the forthcoming legislation.

The procedure, by which the government is expected to ask the monarch for consent to debate laws that affect her, happens during the drafting of a bill that’s in the stages of going through parliament.

It’s suggested in the documents, seen by a newspaper outlet, that Nicola Sturgeon’s government failed to disclose the Queen’s lobbying during a parliamentary debate to question why the monarch was obtaining an exemption from the green energy bill.

The Queen’s lawyers are said to have obtained the exemption five months ago, which only pertains to her private land in the country, specifically Balmoral and not the Crown Estate, which includes Glenlivet.

On February 3, officials working for Paul Wheelhouse, who was energy minister at the time, noted that the monarch’s lawyers contacted them about the heat networks bill, which aims to contribute to Scotland’s climate change targets by increasing district heating in the country.

The bill, which became law on March 30, also allows developers and operators of heat networks, which decrease carbon emissions through the use of insulated pipes and systems that generate heat, to compulsorily obtain land from landowners.

Paul Wheelhouse had agreed to revise the bill, saying the minister agreed to suggested amendments that would address matters from the Queen’s lawyers.

Fourteen days later, on February 17, the Scottish Government was told that the Queen had given her consent for the bill to be passed.

During a debate between MSPs over the bill five days after, Paul Wheelhouse presented an addendum that applied only to land owned by the monarch.

Andy Wightman, an independent MSP at the time, contended it was wrong to only pick out the Queen for special treatment.

Paul Wheelhouse didn’t mention that the Queen’s solicitors had lobbied for the change and claimed the amendment was needed to guarantee the smooth passage of the bill, although Buckingham Palace said her assent was purely formal.

However, this is unacceptable and the Queen should lead by example, but of course, this will all soon be forgotten because the papers and other tabloids will print a photograph of Kate in a jacket she wore before or some comparable nonsense.

Can you imagine if Nicola Sturgeon had turned the Queen down – all the unionists would have been calling her a traitor who despises the Queen, but they’ll still whine nevertheless, but perhaps it won’t be so bad.

The law of the land must apply to everyone, there can’t be any exceptions or exemptions, not even for the Queen, and that’s because she IS the law of the land!

But how far will the Queen go to protect her land, her stocks and her shares et cetera that she owns from public inspection?

Meanwhile, we the people pay tax on our income, interest earnt et cetera to help keep the Royals in the lifestyle they’re accustomed to, but if she was a mother of four, living on some council estate and living on Universal Credit from the taxpayer, most readers would be calling her a benefits scrounger, but she’s the Queen and we have to curtsey – but then it’s always been like that for hundreds of years and it will never change.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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