Britain’s COVID Booster Vaccine Drive Will Start Next Month

It was claimed that COVID booster vaccines will be extended to 32 million Britons next month.

The over 50s and immunosuppressed people, along with NHS and care home staff will be offered third doses from as soon as September 6.

Ministers hope that the vaccines will be offered at up to 2,000 pharmacies, with the goal of 2.5 million per week, and they will be dished out at the same time as flu jabs.

A newspaper outlet reported that No 10 was intending to get the most vulnerable groups jabbed by mid-December, so the vaccine has at least a fortnight to kick in before Christmas.

All eligible adults are expected to get a dose of Pfizer, regardless of which vaccine they got for their first two doses.

The latest data from Public Health England suggests the Pfizer shot is somewhat more effective against the Indian Delta strain, which could encourage the Government to adopt the mix and match approach.

But Department of Health bosses have yet to establish any official details of the UK’s booster scheme, with ministers waiting on final information from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI).

The JCVI set out interim advice on the booster programme in June, advising that, if required, the booster programme should start in September.

They said that third jabs should first be given to over 70s, over 16s who are immunosuppressed or extremely vulnerable, those living in care homes and frontline health and social care workers.

The JCVI advised that in a second stage, the boosters should be given to remaining over 50s, over 16s who are at risk from the flu or COVID and those living with immunosuppressed people.

The scientists said their final advice may vary considerably and will depend on developing data, including on how long protection lasts from two jabs.

The final recommendation from the experts is expected in the coming weeks, but a Government source told a newspaper outlet the plan was to give flu and COVID boosters at the same time in different arms but that it would depend on final JCVI guidance and coronavirus vaccine booster trials.

The source said that ministers are hoping to increase the record number of jabs given in a single day through the programme, which stands at 873,784 given on March 20.

Immunity obtained from COVID jabs lasts for at least six months in the majority of cases, and what will happen to all the double jabbed who don’t go for a booster?

So, now we have the fully vaccinated, which in some cases has caused dangerous blood clotting. Not to forget that the UK Government rushed to vaccinate their population and disregarded the manufacturer’s suggested timeframe to administer the second dose.

Now we have boosters, and if you don’t have the jab, then you have no job – it’s a never-ending cycle, and you don’t have to delve too deeply to realise that the real underlying problem with the so-called vaccines is that they leave their host far more susceptible to other strains as the effectiveness of the jab wears off.

And there’s never been a vaccine that works over the long term as they all make the host more vulnerable with each dose, not straight away, of course, just when their effectiveness begins to wane.

In other words, once you’ve had one, you’ll need another, and then a booster, and another and so on until your immune system is weak or just attacks the body instead of the virus. This is why it’s already being said that this winter as many as 30 per cent will die with a new wave, and they know what these vaccines do and they also know that through coercion and fear-mongering they’ve talked the masses into poisoning themselves in a vile mass experiment.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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