Milkman Is Arrested By Police Who Mistook Him For A Burglar

A milkman was given an early morning wake up call when he was dramatically arrested by police who’d mistaken him for a burglar because he was driving about so early in the day.

The unnamed driver for Aycliffe Dairies, in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, had been carrying out his morning rounds at about 5 am Wednesday when he noticed police at the Greenfield Convenience Store.

He initially thought nothing of it but then realised police were following his milk truck.

He quickly rang his boss Russ Gibson to say he believed he was going to be pulled over, and he was, but after brief questioning, he was permitted to continue on his route, only to be arrested while stopping for a drink a mere 15 minutes later, as three police cars swooped in and dragged him out of his vehicle.

Russ Gibson described the entire ordeal as crazy, and he said the driver said the police were following him and then pulled him over.

He explained that he was delivering milk, but the police kept asking what he was doing there that early in the morning and just kept questioning him.

He even opened the back of the doors and showed them the milk but said he was told there had been a break-in at Greenfield shop and that he matched the description.

After a while, the police ended up believing him and he just kept driving.

Russ Gibson said 15 minutes later the driver stopped for a beverage when he was then beset by three police vehicles.

He said he was told police then got out of their vehicle, took him out of the car and arrested him.

Russ Gibson said he showed them his work badge and told them to look at the delivery sheet but was told to stop resisting, it was mad. The next thing, they were taking him to the police station.

Russ Gibson said that they have trackers on the vans so he went to pick it up but there was a cop car guarding it.

The business owner maintains he was told the truck couldn’t be moved as it was evidence but told police he needed to take the milk out of the vehicle to ensure it didn’t go off.

Russ Gibson said after explaining the situation to the police he was able to get the driver released and then able to recover the truck at 7 am.

The police need to improve their recruitment criteria, possibly by including a basic intelligence test.

This was shocking, especially when the driver offered to show his work pass and delivery sheet, but that was seen as resisting arrest – unbelievable!

What they should be doing is a full-frontal lobotomy for all new recruits, just in case, their IQ is over 5. Then they wonder why people can’t stand the police.

And law-abiding citizens pretty soon start to dislike the police if they’re acting in such a blatantly ridiculous way. This driver was obviously a milkman, and it’s pretty well known that they’re up early, and so are expected to be seen out on the roads at the crack of dawn.

He showed the police the contents of his truck, so it was rather apparent that this man was not the perpetrator of a crime, but he matched the description – yes, he was a man with a van, but it was hardly an inconspicuous one. It had huge pictures of cows on it, and I hardly think that the perpetrators of a crime would have used a van with huge cows on it, of course, that would have been udderly ridiculous.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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