Mum And Her Disabled Son, Three, Face Living In Her Car

The mother of a disabled three-year-old has revealed how they’re facing living in her car after her landlord almost doubled her rent and then began eviction proceedings before the CDC issued a new eviction ban.

A cessation of residential evictions that kept millions of people from being forced out of their homes terminated on Saturday, and the Biden administration struggled to issue a new extension on Tuesday.

Before the extension was brought in, Sheryl Chavez, 39, said she was given 30 days to leave her home of eight years in rural Edenton, North Carolina, after her landlord chose to raise her rent from $450 a month to $825.

Sheryl Chavez, a former Correctional Sergeant for Pasquotank Correctional Institution, said that mass migration to the region from urban COVID 19 hotspots in the last 18 months had driven up rental costs to unaffordable levels.

She shares the home with her friend, Lefein Noel, 29, and son Allister, 3, who was born with severe brain damage to his nervous system.

Sheryl Chavez told a newspaper outlet that she felt hurt and afraid, and that she’d rented her home from this woman for 8 years only for her to slide a letter into her mailbox, and that she doesn’t know where she’s going to go if she has to leave.

She said to be ousted like it wasn’t a huge deal was extremely hurtful, and not just because the rent was owed, but just to cash in on the great housing market, and that because of the housing deficit and the demand for homes, landlords all over the country were evicting their tenants and putting the homes up for sale at far greater than their value.

Without being able to find affordable housing inside the area, Sheryl Chavez said she risks living out of her car with her son who is seriously disabled.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday extended the eviction moratorium for 60 days, a move that risks being challenged in court and one that President Joe Biden admits may not be constitutional.

The agency announced that CDC director Rochelle Walensky signed an order that determined the removal of tenants for failure to make rent or housing payments could be harmful to public health control measures to slow the spread of COVID.

The order expands the eviction cessation until October 3 and applies to counties that encounter substantial and high levels of COVID transmission.

Renters always get a bad deal from shameful exploitative landlords in the US, and the CDC doesn’t have the power to issue any bans, but since Biden’s America, laws don’t appear to matter, and it looks like the CDC figures they have the power to do whatever they want.

Evictions are shameful, and nobody should ever be homeless, especially with a disabled child, and the US needs to house their people, especially those that have paid their taxes.

The problem is, this is the USA, apparently where the streets are paved with gold. However, they don’t have a housing system with social housing that their government can help out with. Perhaps that’s why their taxes are much lower than those in other countries, but then maybe that’s why they have so many homeless folk!

But then it’s not the renters home, it’s the landlords home who aren’t able to make their mortgage payments because some tenants can’t afford the rent, but then the renters should have thought of that before taking out a mortgage and renting their home out. They must have realised that things like this can happen when renting out – of course, they shouldn’t have to lose their home because of someone else, but then it’s not fair on the renter or the tenant.

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2 thoughts on “Mum And Her Disabled Son, Three, Face Living In Her Car

  1. The original article got things wrong here. Sheryl (@chavez145 on twitter) did not have her rent doubled. The landlady fully and entirely decided to sell the home out of nowhere. The original author messed up Sheryl’s story with the story of another renter that Lefein told the author. We’ve also got a gofundme made to crowdfund the purchase of the home to prevent Sheryl and her children going homeless.

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