Britain Spends £500,000 A Year

Britain spent an approximated £500,000 in the past year storing boats used by migrants to cross the Channel.

The government has to keep hold of the small boats for twelve months to allow the owner to claim them, despite no one coming forward to collect one in the past year.

The latest figures come after Home Secretary Priti Patel announced plans to build a £2 million processing facility in Dover, and according to a newspaper outlet, many of the boats are disposed of after twelve months because they’re no longer seaworthy or can’t be used for another purpose.

Border Force can also hold onto the boats for longer if they’re part of an ongoing investigation, such as a possible action against people smugglers.

They’re stored in a large outdoor area in Dover initially before being taken to Queen’s Warehouses storage facilities which house seized or detained materials.

To cut down wastage and put the boats to good use, ministers are expected to push forth with a change to legislation so they can be sold or donated.

Estimates provided suggest the government has spent £500,000 transporting and storing the boats, and as well as strategies to alter legislation for storage of the boats, the Home Office has also been given permission for a new processing facility in Dover, which is expected to be operational by May.

The 24-hour centre, which will be set up in a converted welding site, is expected to cost £2 million and millions more to run.

One source told a newspaper outlet that this was a clear indication that this problem was not over, and that it proved there was no end in sight for the boat crossings.

In a letter to the Home Affairs Select Committee, the Home Secretary said that the Department was determined to deliver a long term, sustainable solution, with a new facility to be ready next May.

Late last month, drone pictures exposed more than 100 small boats piled up in rows in a fenced-off compound in Dover, a testimony of thousands of people’s journeys to the United Kingdom in 2021.

The number of vessels appears to be significantly higher than another set pictured in storage in Dover in 2020.

It comes amid a record-breaking year for migrants crossing to the United Kingdom, despite promises from the Home Office to make the route unviable.

So, let’s get this right. If your vehicle is impounded and you don’t pay, it gets crushed, but if vessels are used for illegal migrant entry, it gets looked after until it’s claimed – we must be the laughing stock of the world.

The amount of wastage the UK spends is insulting, and just when you thought the government had reached the limits of being a global laughing stock, they take stupidity to new lengths.

You truly couldn’t make this stuff up, and the government needs to get a grip or make way for one that can because this entire situation is ridiculous.

Of course, a lot of people believed that Brexit would prevent this sort of thing, but sadly, it will only get worse, and the United Kingdom will be inundated with migrants for a long time to come, and that’s reality folks!

The system is broken. Brexit isn’t going well, and the floodgates have opened since we left the EU, and the government are doing nothing in all of this chaos.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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