Taliban Are Accused Of Burning Down Amusement Park

The Taliban has been accused of burning down an amusement park in northern Afghanistan because it had idol-worshipping statues as their moderate facade crumbles.

The jihadists torched the recreation grounds in the northern city of Sheberghan which were also used for holding sports and cultural events for children.

Sheberghan is in th heartlands of the vanquished strongman Abdul Rashid Dostum whose opulent home was seized by the jihadists when he escaped over the border into Uzbekistan on Saturday.

According to local reports the Taliban had objected to statues inside the grounds of the amusement park which they claimed were idol-worshipping under their radical interpretation of Islam.

This is despite the so-called Taliban 2.0 putting up a sophisticated PR front for the world’s media, with numerous representatives saying that the Taliban of today are quite different to that of 20 years ago.

But the terror which they strike into the heart’s of the masses, some of which readily endanger their lives by clambering onto moving planes, refutes their claims.

In Kabul, they’ve been kicking down the doors of civil servants, teachers and interpreters who worked for foreign governments, and one man said his neighbour in Kabul had been seized and the fighters said they were going to hang him.

A female mayor in the city has revealed that she was just waiting for the Taliban to come and kill her.

And across the country, there are chilling reports of Taliban fighters marauding the streets, pursuing girls as young as twelve years old that they can make into their sex slaves, and chaos still reigns at Kabul airport where thousands arrived to seek and gain safe passage to neighbouring countries and the West.

A newspaper outlet said that ex-pats and visa holders were unable to get anywhere near the airport because enormous flocks of terrified locals were blocking the way.

This was despite American and British lawmakers insisting Taliban guards were letting people through checkpoints and planes were not taking off empty.

Videos captured snapshots of the chaos as gunmen fired shots over the heads of panicked crowds while hitting people with rifles, as those on the ground said Taliban fighters were dishing out beatings and lashings apparently at random, with people being trampled and crushed in the throng.

Paul ‘Pen’ Farthing, a former Marine who now lives in Kabul with his wife, called the scene a clusterf***, telling a newspaper outlet that two ex-pats, one British and one Norwegian, had already been forced to turn back because they couldn’t get through.

Just imagine living in a society where you see no women and men burn down areas that are meant for children to have fun, and it appears they’re thousands of years behind the rest of the world.

I’d say welcome to the Stone Age, but the Stone Age had paintings and culture, these people have none, and sadly their illiterate nature and absurd doctrine are penetrated into their minds at a very young age, and they will seemingly never change, and even education won’t help them because they’ve thought like this for centuries, and they don’t seem to possess any shame.

No music, no dancing, no pleasure, no joy, but this is what happens when a religion is only concerned with the afterlife and not the here and now, and it seems that under their understanding of their scriptures, statues are forbidden but killing people and raping little girls is okay, what a messed up set of beliefs they have.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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