Trump Supporter, 49, Who Threatened Capitol

The fan of former President Donald Trump who threatened the Library of Congress on Capitol Hill with a pretended bomb has been revealed to be an enthusiastic gun collector from North Carolina with issues who recently lost his mum.

Floyd Ray Roseberry, 49, drove his black pickup truck onto the footpath outside the Library of Congress, opposite the Capitol building at around 9.15 am on Thursday while demanding to talk to President Joe Biden.

Floyd Ray Roseberry called 911, reporting that he had a tennerite bomb, and live-streamed his five-hour standoff with the United States Capitol Police on Facebook before he finally surrendered shortly before 2.30 pm.

During the Facebook Livestream, which has since been removed, Floyd Ray Roseberry claimed he had a tannerite bomb and that the revolution was here while whining about the outcome of the 2020 election.

He also called for airstrikes in Afghanistan to kick the Taliban’s backside.

Cops combed Floyd Ray Roseberry’s vehicle and said that they didn’t find a bomb, but did collect some possible bomb-making materials and a propane gas container.

Details about Floyd Ray Roseberry had started to emerge after his surrender to police earlier on Thursday.

His ex-wife, Crystal Roseberry, said she’d seen images of the man in the standoff at the Capitol and confirmed to the Associated Press that it was her ex-husband.

She said she’d never known him to have explosives, but that he was an avid collector of firearms.

Crystal Roseberry told a newspaper outlet that she was married to Floyd Ray Roseberry for ten years, but that their marriage ended because he had a volatile disposition, although she added that he’d never done anything like this before.

Tom Lynch, an editor with WRC-TV, tweeted that he’d spoken with Floyd Ray Roseberry’s wife, though it wasn’t immediately clear if he spoke with Crystal or if he’d remarried, and that Roseberry’s wife had told him that her husband left North Carolina and that he was going on a fishing trip.

She said that her husband had been upset about the result of the Presidential election and voted for the first time in his life for President Trump, and Tom Lynch added that Roseberry’s wife said that her husband had recently struggled with mental health problems and had recently changed medication.

The Cleveland County Sherriff’s Office confirmed they were at Roseberry’s Glover, North Carolina home with FBI agents.

Of course, it’s all about Donald Trump again, because no one ever seems to be labelled a Joe Biden supporter, but there must be supporters out there because that’s apparently how he got elected, but then unlike Trumpets, Joe Biden supporters don’t make the news since they don’t storm the US Capital and defecate throughout the building or threaten to set off a bomb in DC.

But it’s okay, we can now relax knowing that the Federal Bureau of imbeciles (FBI) are on it!

Floyd Ray Roseberry liked to collect guns, that doesn’t make him a criminal just because he liked guns. All he did that was illegal was that he tried to make a point by using a fake bomb, along with a couple of mental health issues, and needs some sort of help.

It was said that this man was a keen gun collector, well, that’s about half of the US then.

Tannerite on its own can’t be used as a bomb, it requires a high-velocity projectile to detonate it, and because it’s sold as separate components which aren’t themselves explosive, it’s not regulated by the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), and can be transported and sold in numerous places without the legal restrictions that apply to explosives, so really the only crime that Roseberry did was to say that he had a bomb when he didn’t, and it was a threat that he was not going to carry out.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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